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Wakeup Call


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Patricia was excited when her package finally arrived.  High tech and custom made she new that it would take a couple of months for it to be made.  But then it had gotten held up in customs – something about the paperwork for the lithium batteries not being properly completed.  The company in Europe sent her regular updates after her first inquiry and a promise of a new device if the problem wasn’t cleared up in another month.  Another month then another two for a new custom made toy? Fortunately, it hadn’t come to that, but it was two weeks longer than she had originally hoped for.

She opened the box and turned her new alarm clock about in her hands admiring it.  As tempting as it was to use it now, it was an alarm clock and she had promised herself to wait until bedtime to try it out.  For the time being, she plugged the charger cord in and started reading the instructions.

She studied the instruction manual several times while going through her usual evening routine.  Dinner.  A little TV… Maybe an early bedtime tonight? Yes, she had been extra busy at work and really should go to bed early, she justified to herself.

Stripped to her bra and panties, she unplugged the fully charged clock.  According to the manual it wouldn’t need to be recharged for about sixty days, so she put the cord in her nightstand drawer.  What she held in her hands looked like a rigid pair of panties.  Her usual sleep attire was too much – bra and no panties she told herself slipping her cotton underthings to the floor.  Green button to unlock.  There was a dildo attached to the inside front panel.  What size had she ordered? She was fairly sure she had chosen the medium size, but looking at the real thing she was beginning to think she might have clicked large instead.  At least it wasn’t an extra large.

The drawer was still open and a bottle of lube was waiting between her other dildos.  She almost squealed in anticipation as she rubbed lubricant on her new toy.  Still trying to maintain patience, she wiped her hands clean before inserting the cock into herself.  She never remembered to warm her lubricant, so she eased it in slowly.  She fought the temptation to pleasure herself with it but closed the back portion over her backside.  Her measurements had been correct which made it a perfect fit, practically skintight.  She had to close it slowly to keep the hinge and clasp from pinching her where they pressed her waist.  There was also bit that went between her legs and fit into a slot in the front piece.

She held the device closed with her left hand as she felt the opening left for any nighttime bathroom needs with her right.  Everything felt right, so she reached across to the front of her left hip – red button to lock.

There was a small digital clock between the two buttons with controls to set the alarm.  Eight hours, she frowned knowing that she would not get to fully test it out until morning.  Nine hours – that’s what he got for wanting to play with it early.  Three buttons on the right side.  Centre button starts the clock.  She pushed it and saw the clock start to count down.  She got between the sheets and started to hope for morning.

She lay awake, aroused for longer than normal.  Normally when she couldn’t sleep she would fantasize and play with herself.  The device made fantasizing easy but no matter how much she rubbed the plastic covering her she couldn’t get any satisfaction. 

Eventually, she did manage to fall asleep.  She must have considering the erotic dreams she had.  Or had she? She was aware of a vibration within her that seemed to transition from her dream into reality.  She blinked at the sun coming under her window shade.  She moaned as the alarm continued to vibrate the rubber cock inserted between her legs.  It was a wonderful way to wake up but she didn’t want to get out of bed.  Mental note – make allowances for wanting to stay in bed the next time she set the clock.  After a few minutes lying in bed and letting the sensation reach another climax she pressed the left hand button on her right hip to stop the alarm.

She got out of bed and opened her closet so she could look at herself in the full-length mirror on the inside of the door.  Not only did it feel well but the fit looked good too.  The designers had done a very good job with it.  She turned a couple of times, admiring the look, when the alarm went off again.  It surprised her, making her stumble before she could stop it again.  That was strange.  She pushed the green button and the device beeped rather than opened.

What the-? She pressed it a few more times and just got more beeps.  And then the vibrations started again.  She stopped them once more and tried the green button again – Beep!

She looked at the display and instead of giving a time it read “Error 014.”

What the-? She had left the instructions downstairs and got vibrated again on the way, and again while she was reading the error notices.

“Unit cannot be opened during a cycle.”

“What the hell does that mean?” she cried out loud.  She got vibrated again as she reread it.

After jabbing at the release button several more times and a few more intermittent vibrations she realized she was going to have to contact the company.  They’re in Europe.  Six hours ahead of her.  They should be open now.  What if the line is busy? She dialed the number in the manual and then started her computer in case she needed to leave them a message.  The vibrator started again.  If she had to stop it every time it activated she would get nothing done, but letting it run would be too much.  She stopped the alarm again and was pleased to hear someone pick up the phone.

“Hello, Every Day Kinks.  How may I help you?” a man with an accented voice asked.

“I’m have trouble with your Orgasm Alarm Clock.  It keeps activating and gives me an error message when I try to open it.”

“What is the message?”

“It’s – oh my go-o-o-d!” she gasped as the alarm went off again.  She stopped it again and looked at the manual.  “It’s ‘Unit cannot be opened during a cycle.’ Number 14.”

“What cycle are you running, ma’am?”

“I’m not running a cycle.  I don’t even know what that means.”

“All right.  Tell me just what happened.”

So she told the story, getting vibrated a couple more times as she did so.  She had read the instructions through.  It fit well.  Setting the alarm had worked.  The alarm didn’t go off until the time she had set it for.  Now it keeps activating.

“I think I know what’s happening, ma’am.  I’ve been timing your… problem.  I think you’re pressing the snooze button and not deactivating the alarm.”

“No.  I’m pressing the button on the left.  The manual says the button on the left stops the alarm and the button on the right is the snoo- not again – OOOOOOH!”

“Your left or its left,” the representative asked when she stopped the alarm again.


“Look at the diagram.  Facing the front of the alarm, the button on the left deactivates it.  Wearing the belt reverses it.  You’ve been pressing the snooze button instead of stopping the alarm.  That starts up another time cycle and it can’t be opened.”

“You mean-? Ah,” it suddenly dawned on her and she pressed the button on her right.  “. see.”

“Yes, but don’t press it now.”

“I just did.”  There was another beep as she pressed the green release button again.  “What’s going on now?”

“What’s happening?”

“I pressed the button before you told me not to and tried to open it and it’s giving me the error message again.”

“You can’t just interrupt a snooze cycle.”  The man sounded worried.  “You should have waited for the alarm to start again before hitting the deactivate button.”

“OK, so I wai-oooh! My god, make it stop.  It’s-  oh god! It’s not stopping! Help!” This continued for about a minute.  She was sobbing when it stopped.

“What does the display say?” The man’s voice was almost a timid squeak.

“Sys fail,” Patricia read before another round of vibrations started.  No amount of button pressing seemed to stop it.  But finally it did.  “That was no five minutes,” she managed to gasp between tears.

“You pressed too many wrong buttons in too short a time,” the man stammered.  “It overloaded the system.  It’s going to activate randomly from now on and it will stop randomly.”  This had happened before during testing.  It was a lawsuit waiting to happen, but the legal department had decided that a statement warning to read the instructions thoroughly was enough; no specifics about what problems could arise.  “There is a failsafe.  To keep people from getting stuck in the device it was designed to open when the battery runs down.”

“But it was fully charged!”

“Yes, but it’s not meant to run continuously.  If you had just kept pushing the snooze button then it would run down in about two days.  Since it seems to be going randomly now it may be longer or shorter.”  He tried to sound hopeful as he told her.

Patricia started to wonder which she would prefer.  More frequent and/or longer vibrations with an earlier release or more time to rest but being trapped for longer.

Nicely written, great fantasy.
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