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Is anyone using a sex doll?


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I haven't.

However, Halloween is a coming. So if that sex doll starts talking get the he'll outta there!


I have one. I can't say it feels exactly like a real woman, but it's much better than the normal masturbator.  I love her elastic big boobs and jucy fat ass,  but it's too heavy for me, next time, I will definitely choose a light one. 

In my opinion, weight comes first, and then the good quality and the affordable price. I get my babe from sexdollpartner.com, you might take a look and compare where to buy.

I have one from RealLoveSexDolls. Have had her for several years, and she’s in just as good condition as the day she arrived. Great company to buy from! Like Andrew-7028, my only complaint is the weight. Moving her around is a bit of a challenge. But all else is good!
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