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(TW) Robber gets robbed

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Pizza Delivery at 1240am

She opens the door, she's fucking gorgeous I must admit the way she looked the way her clothing gripped her curves, the moisture on her lips I was taken by her appearance, it was a massive mistake. I come back to focus she has a *** and says "step inside, give me all your money and your phone" okay Ms. Let's not do anything drastic. (Why am I aroused and terrified?) Ms I don't have cash we quit carrying cash at sunset. "You have to give me money, I have the ***" okay let's work this out... (She's getting tired the *** is heavy I see it lowering a lot now) what if cashapp you $20 "no $1000 or you'll have to die" I smirk, she doesn't know what I see, she can't hold that *** up much longer. Ma'am this is a mistake, I'll make it $100 no harm no foul we go separate ways. "No I said $100 *tearing up* and I mean it" I think to myself, that stress that physical strain it's eating her alive now. She lowers the *** without thinking I reach out and grab the *** with left hand and her throat with my right. You should have taken the money and shut up like a good whore. I toss the empty bun across the room and yank my belt off, I use it to tie her hands behind her back. She's crying and shaking, begging me to forgive her. No you have to pay for what you've done, you disrespectful whore. She says she will do anything to make up for it, *grins* anything? Huh?. I'm gonna make sure you remember me and why you shouldn't have pulled that ***. Open your mouth *unzips pants pulls out my hard cock* "I can't do that though šŸ˜­šŸ˜­ I have a boyfriend" it's too late for all that concern, I see her breathing calming, she licks her lips and her nipples are hard now. Open your mouth *I can.. guh guh guh guh* that's a good girl take it all the way. She likes it she's now using her face to fuck my dick on her own, she's a real whore I'm gonna enjoy her. She gasp for air and wimpers "what have I done, you're so much bigger than him and taste so good" you just wait I have a real treat for you. I stand her up yank her pants down bend her over and slide her panties to the side. Oh you're already wet? LMAO you sick bitch. I bend her over and slowly slide my dick in her tight pussy, you like that don't you she moans "yes, sir" you thought you were gonna rob me?Ā  (As I begin to fuck her hard over her couch arm) she groans and moans she's backing into my cock now "sorry sir" I grab her by her hair and throat you are gonna learn how to earn money tonight "yes sir she moans" I shove my thumb in her ass it's pops right in, I chuckle. She tenses up "please no" oh it's too late, I stick the head in and then deliver the rest pausing every inch in her tight ass, you'll know I was here I say. She's moaning and wiggling her hips she cannot speak. I unloaded deep in her ass she tenses up and I can feel her tremble as she orgasms so hard. She says "fuck I've never cum that hard before" I make her clean my dick off and get on her knees leaking my cum, you'll never again disrespect me, your mine to use as I please, understand me? "Yes sir" I throw her $20 cash I had the whole time as I button my pants, that's a good whore.

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