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The Machine


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He measured the bar after he cut it to make sure his cut had been right.  He was under the gun but still wanted everything to be perfect.  The months he had given himself to work hadn’t been quite enough; fortunately, she never came into his workshop.  Hopefully, that was about to change or he could be in big trouble.

He inserted the bar into the slot that was waiting for it and secured it with a bolt and nut.  He gave the bar a light tap and listened to the sound, tightened the nut, and tapped it again.  After adjusting the nut several times he was satisfied.

He went to the top of the basement stairs and listened.  He could hear her watching television.  He went back down and stripped.  As he put leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles he could imagine her choosing this moment to come down here and ruin everything.

He went to where he had mounted a garage door spring securely onto a cement slab.  About five and a quarter turns if his calculations were correct.  He took a winding rod and set the tension; it got increasingly more difficult to turn it as he did.

He sat in the middle of the room and clipped the chains he had laid out onto his cuffs.  Ball gag.  He checked to see if he could reach the release lever before blindfolding himself and lying down.  “Hope this works,” he thought and pulled the lever.

The spring was released slowly turning several wheels as it did.  Four of them reeled his chains in, slowly pulling him into a spread eagle.  The larger wheel had a series of hammers fit to it.  When the first one struck a metal bar a note rang out much louder than his test taps.  Then another bar was hit and another.  As he was being stretched out helplessly the tones of Dies Irae rang out.  If he had had one more day to work then he could have tested it out, but now he just had to hope he had fit it together to get the melody correct.

He had.  As the last note rang out the spring was spent and his limbs stopped being pulled.  His calculations had been correct.  The tension to put in the spring.  The length of the song.  The rate of reeling in the chains.  Getting them to stop at maximum restraint without hurting him.

His joy was interrupted when a foot raised his cock and then pressed his balls to the floor.

“I told you I wanted to take my birthday off.”  A little more pressure was applied to make the point, but then she eased back again.  “If you hadn’t given me the most interesting music box for my collection then you would be in big trouble.”

hahaha didnt expect the ending but id love to read what comes next
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