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A Name


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What is in a name,
Is it to cause shame?
Is it said,
To cause pain?
Could it be spoken,
To make tears pour like rain?
Is it meant to get repeated in a rush,
Sound like a curse word in a fuss,
Get spoken out of lust?
Is it still a name,
All the same?
Some names are given,
Some names are earned,
All to be learned.
Does the name matter,
Or is it given matter?
By the name giver.
The provider, protector,
The Caregiver.
The person that sees things in you,
For you,
Has love and faith in you.
Walks through the fire with you,
Guides you,
Learns you,
Willing to die for you.
Crowns you with thy name.
I crowned thy Princess Breath Taker
Because you are,
My favorite non-faker
Does anything Daddy says maker
CNC dick slayer.
We get lost in our eyes,
Kisses to the softest thighs,
Communication with no lies,
You melt at my touch,
Let me spank that nice, tight butt.
From day one,
I could not breath
When you ghosted me,
I grieved.
You came back,
With a promise to never leave.
Taking the air,
Out of my body and every room.
Turning yourself into prey,
Allowing me to consume.
The very sight of you takes my breath away.
Forces me to my knees to pray.
To thank my Almighty,
For an outstanding bratty, submissive woman,
With a pussy so tight,
Perky breasts so ripe,
That touches me so lightly,
Challenges me slightly,
With intelligence so witty,
Princess you are so damn pretty.
In more ways than one,
Princess Breath Taker, we will have a son,
To symbolize and encapsulate,
The love we share,
Bring forth life,
With every breath you take
Princess Breath Taker,
Let this be my declaration,
And name crowning of thee
Though you respond to many of names,
This is my favorite of all.
At 5’2, viewed so tall
Climaxing while in bondage,
Wax play at the cottage.
Every second together,
Makes each of us better.
Until my last dying breath,
Princess Breath Taker take my air,
Until I have none left
That makes me want to be princess breathtaker
If my DD doesn’t feel this way he’s not for me. Well expressed.
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