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The light from the open fire sparkled in her eyes as we sat across the table from each other. I lifted the glass and sipped the deep rich red wine, savouring the taste as I listened to her anecdote.

She was animated, smiling broadly as she told the tale of a past misadventure, although I'll freely admit that her deep red lipstick was proving something of a distraction, as indeed was the slightly low cut of her beautiful dark green dress.

The pub was dark and dusky, warm and wintery. I'd chosen it purposefully, this wasn't our first meet, but it was a significant one, and I wanted it to be perfect.

Her fingers gracefully wrapped around the stem of her glass, I'd noticed the nail varnish was a perfect match for her lips, I do love such attention to detail. Her story told she raised her glass took a long sip, before brushing her hair behind one ear, and smiled at me.

Her eyes captivated me, locked into mine as I made a light hearted comment and she laughed, a little nervously I thought. I reached out and took her free hand, her warm fingers entwined in mine. We both knew why we were there, what we wanted, what we needed from each other, that heady mix of nervous excitement coursing through us both.

I stood up from table, still holding her hand as she too rose. With a nod to the barman we walked out of the large oak door and across the small courtyard to one of the private suites.

Taking the key from my pocket I opened the door, the room was lit by a small table lamp, but there was enough light to see the range of equipment I'd previously laid out on the dressing table. She turned to me, biting her lower lip, her chest rising and falling as I pulled her close for a kiss.

I back heeled the door closed. It was time to begin...
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