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*** threshold and Leaving marks?


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For submissives, what are the worst marks that you have had after a powerful session? I've had some welts, but not much more.

Also, what is the most *** you've had as a submissive? What made the safe word come out of your mouth even though you didn't want to use it? For me it was having my balls on a *** collar and yanked on until I dropped to the floor.

Stripes down the sides of my thighs was a good time had unfortunately the marks lasted longer than I expected.
When the trust is gained i prefer no safe words to be used as it limits the experience had by both parties.
I actually can only get arroused through *** being inflicted, especially nipple ***.
My best experience was with a random session with a Mistress from Soho London where there she took me to extraordinary levels of beautiful *** and ***.
As I've always been single i really enjoy dominant women who enjoy the more aggressive approach and leaving marks isn't a problem for myself.
I'm still trying to find someone who is interested in playing BDSM snooker when it's on again and still searching for a dominant woman for 12 canes on new year's eve, across my back or buttoks.
*** for myself is essential as I really enjoy the intensity of it.
Just as a dom. I would like to make the point that being able to take more damage doesn’t make you a “better” sub. I have come across a lot of subs that seem to think the more they can hold out the better it is and therefore try and push themselves past the point of enjoyment to please. For me at least, the fun is taking someone to near that breaking point and the journey there. A good dom should be able to work within your tolerances.

When it comes to marks it depends if the person wants marks or bruises. You can achieve the same amount of *** with different tools if marks are what you are trying to achieve. For example studded paddles are great for leaving crisscross bruising but nothing leaves marks quite like canes.
After 25+years of being submissive i can tell you that (for myself) the whole BDSM corporal punishment's and fundamentally everything about this lifestyle is mental
Most subs male and female can mentally prepare for the few hours of submission and leave happily in the knowledge that they achieved what they wanted.
After the hours have passed away and you venture into the whole day or longer both parties begin to mentally and physically relax and it's at this point that the real deeply enjoyment can be achieved by everyone involved.
Our own minds are more powerful than we think.
So as said once trust is gained by both the dominant and the submissive boundaries and limitations gradually fall away and you both enter into a quite appropriate beautiful place both mentally and physically.
The “worst” (best in my opinion) marks that I’ve ever received was from bamboo canes. I’ve experienced bruising that lasted for weeks as well but that was because the person swinging the belt wasn’t as experienced as they said they were. I trusted them a little too much.
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