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Day 1

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You struggle to move it’s hot. You are sweating. You have been in this box for hours. Suddenly the box begins to move. You go from all fours in the box to standing upright. The dildo that was in your ass and attached to the box goes deeper. Your muffled moans are heard through your wet panties that are stuffed in your mouth and taped shut. You feel yourself being wheeled away somewhere. You are then thrown back on to your knees. You hear a loud thud. Then hammering. You realise you are being put in an even bigger box! The hammering finishes and you are moving again. Lifted up and put back down. You start breathing heavier as you hear the sound of a truck starting up. You are being transferred somewhere…

You are transported for what seems hours every bump in the road moves the dildo in your ass deeper. Finally the truck stops. Your box is kicked off the back of the flatbed. You are on your back still in the doggy position but n able to move. You hear tools taking out the skrews from the bigger box you are inside. Your smaller box is lifted out. You are wheeled across a gravel path. The vibrations felt deep in your ass. You are then bumped down some stairs. The dildo bumps in and out your now gaping asshole. You’re terrified yet soaking wet. Your box opens. “Say hello to your new roommates”

You are taken out of your box you feel the full length of the dildo slip out your ass. You asshole gapes, it feels good for a second. However, it t is then quickly filled with a massive butt plug. You are pushed into a corner you feel the cold concrete on your feet. It’s wet why? You are then hosed down with ice cold water. You scream with the shock. You are told to bend over and spread your ass, then your pussy. The cold hurts but also excites you. You are then dragged by the hair across the room “you want to be a good guest don’t you?” You are then tied into positions where you must satisfy and lick each of your roommates pussys and ass until they cum. The first squirts over your face which you don’t even have time to wipe away before being pushed into another pussy.

After you finish pleasing your roommates with cum all over their faces you are dragged by your hair to the corner. It’s damp. You are chained up so your arms and legs are spread. Your roommates grab something. You soon realise it’s stinging nettles. You are flogged relentlessly for hours all over your body until you are bright red with sores. Once they are all finished you are unchained onto the floor. You collapse. You are then hosed down with ice cold water and again dragged to a small cage where you are thrown in. Not big enough to lie straight, not high enough to stand. “Same again tomorrow” you hear as the lights go out.
God damn that’s hot
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