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First Glance


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                                                                                                                                                                  First Glance

This tale begins with a lady named Amber. After two failed marriages, she decided it was time to reinvent her look for something more daring and eye catching. Even though she was in her mid-30s, Amber still had the right curves in the right places to catch the eye of any looker. Grabbing her keys to the 5-series BMW, Amber was off to downtown to seek the allure of latex. Something her previous two husbands could only dream of seeing her wear behind closed doors.


As Amber arrived downtown, the sun started to fall on the horizon. This caused the fall nightlife to move indoors which Amber breathed with a sigh of relief. Being in a prominent public position only increased her need for discretion. After pulling around 7th & Paxton, headlights shined on a small shop with dark windows and barely any visible lights displayed. The GPS pinged this to be the right location and Amber’s chest filled with anticipation and excitement.


Once inside the shop, the strong sent of latex and rubber filled her nose instantly. The feeling of curiosity only intensified as her eyes caught sight of a mannequin displayed in a full latex catsuit. Complete with an attached open face hood, Amber’s dream of getting the attention she thought was owed to her was right before her very eyes. Knowing that *** was no object, she inquired to the shopkeeper if he had her size available. Glancing down at his watch, the shopkeeper decided Amber would be his final customer for the day and turned the open sign around so as not to be disturbed by any window shoppers.


After some rummaging through inventory, the shopkeeper emerged with the clothes in hand and was quickly dismissed. Amber felt confident enough to give it the old college try by herself without the prying eyes of a random stranger. Stripping down to bare skin, Amber admired her reflection in the mirror. At 5’4” and thighs curving up towards a nice apple rear, devious thoughts began to fill her mind. The very idea of being clad in latex with an inflatable butt plug inserted while being tied spread eagle with a sex machine raving her pussy was driving her into overdrive. Snapping back to reality, Amber slowly removed her hand from her clit and refocused her attention back on the task at hand.


Calming her heavy breathing down, Amber grabbed the talc powder and applied a generous amount on her body. Next came the catsuit which had a zipper running from the back of the neck all the way down and through the front of the crotch. Starting feet first, Amber was making progress until she reached her thighs. This became more challenging as she begin to pull the latex up her hips one inch at a time. Pushing through, she then focused on putting her arms into the sleeves with fully enclosed hands. Once her hands and arms were in the suit, Amber started at the crotch and begin to zip herself into her new world. Fully enclosed with a new feeling of tightness, Amber adjusted the girls and applied some shine to her second-skin.


At first glance in the mirror, Amber was in shock at how the material emphasized her body. Thighs and hips curving into a modest waist while her butt was nice and firm. Eyes flowing upwards towards her tits while resisting the urge to play with them right there on the spot. Natural black hair blending in with the material and blue eyes that would slay any heart that gazed upon this figure of beauty. Amber was thoroughly pleased whilst grabbing her old clothes and stepping out of the dressing room. The shopkeeper was stunned as Amber made her way to the counter. Without skipping a beat, Amber told the shopkeeper to charge the amount to her black card. The shopkeeper happily complied and started to bag up her old clothes.


Feeling a new sense of beauty and power, Amber told the shopkeeper to keep the old clothes. It was time for a fresh new attitude and what better way than driving home in her new second-skin. Unbeknownst to Amber, she left behind her driver’s license with her old clothes. Part 2 Maybe???

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