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I want to be rough with her
She wants me to be rough with her
Grab her
Restrain her
Spank her arse
Feel the heat
From my strokes
Where paddle meets skin
On the mounds of her ass cheeks
Hand on her throat
Lightly choking
Demands obedience
I want
To fuck her hard
Take her to the verge of breaking
And then
I want to be tender with her
Stroke her hair
Kiss her forehead
Pull her into my chest
One woman
Many desires
Many many fucks
A girl for all occasions
My dirty slut
My Good Girl
My Little One
All within the same perfect form


Your Ownerđź–¤

Nah, she just wanted honesty. I wanted honesty. It's been a year. Leave it alone and don't lie about your height.
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