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Babysitter Part III - Playing House


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He was calling Em, which he usually doesn't do.


Hey Em, I'm running late, and my mother in law asked to take the kids for the weekend. 


Um.... ok.


I'm stuck in traffic. My mother in law might be there before I get there. If she does, just Uber home, and I will venmo you for Babysitting today, Uber and for canceling tomorrow.


Um.... ok.


Thanks again, you're awesome. I appreciate your understanding and flexibility. 




He walked into the house talking on the phone.

He put his bag on the counter and looked up.


Em was standing there holding a glass of bourbon,  wearing one of his button down shirts and white cotton panties.


Hey, I'm going to need to get back to you later, he said into the phone.  He hung up.


Welcome home Daddy. Em said with a smile.


Em... umm... what.....


Shhhhh. Here have a sip of your bourbon Daddy.


He took a sip.


Did I pick well?


You did.


Which is it?


Stagg Batch 18?


Yes! Your favorite. 


Em... listen.


Shhhhhh. She walked up to him and rubbed his crotch.


You need to get all the stress out.


She unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.


She stroked it slowly and firm.


He finished his drink.


He held his cock and pulled it. Leading him to the stairs into the bedroom.


Em undressed him and laid him down on the bed.


She pulled down her panties and mounted him.


She was only wearing his shirt, with 1 button closed at her boobs.


Em too his cock inside her. 


His cock filled a stretched out her pussy. She just sat on it. Letting it fill her up. She didn't move. 


She just enjoyed the feeling of being filled beyond her limit.


You do so much for everyone else, let me take care of you. 


Em grinded back and forth on his cock.


He reached out and grabbed her ass.


Shhhhhh.... she too her hand off her ass.

Just let.me take care of you. Lay back and enjoy.


She grinded on him harder and faster. Moving her hips back and forth.


Moaning and panting as she rode him. 

Her pussy getting wetter.  Pushing closer to the edge. She moaned and grinded. 


I'm going to cum she moaned out as she took herself over the edge.


She screamed out as she came and her body bucked on top of him.


She panted as she rode the wave down.


She leaned over and kissed him, then fed him her nipple.


I'm so so sorry, Daddy, she said. This is supposed to be for you. I'm so sorry. 


She slid down off of him and sucked on his cock.

Her head going up and down. Her mouth swallowing his cock.


She looked up at him. Cock in her mouth


Daddy, I'm so sorry. I cannot help it. Your cock.. it makes me go crazy. 


She kept sucking on him.


Em kissed up his body and slid his cock back inside her.


Mmmmmmm.... I love the way you fill me up and stretch me out.


She slowly ride him. Squeezing her pussy tight with each stroke.


You know, she started. The first time you fuck me in your car.


She started riding harder and faster with deeper strokes.


It was absolutely amazing.  A big Daddy dick using me for his pleasure. I felt like a whore and a princess, all rolled into one.


She rode harder and moaned.  Grinding her body on him.


And you came in my pussy. You just took what you wanted and came in my pussy.


She moaned and panted, grinding on him harder.


And when I got into my bed that night. I fingered myself. I played with your cum in my pussy and I came again, and again. Thinking about you fucking me.


Fuck, he moaned. She could feel him on the edge.


She pressed her hands on his chest and dug her nails into him.


She grinded harder and harder. 


I'm going to cum


She fucked him as hard and fast as she could.


His body bucked and his cock swell and he came inside her again.


His cock swelled as he exploded inside her.


He moaned out as she kept going.


She slowed to firm hard strokes.


Slower and slower


She slowly grinded him until she came to a full stop.


Em leaned over and kissed him on the lips.


He laid there panting. Trying to collect himself.


She whispered to him, I am going to finger my cum filled pussy until you are ready for round two.


She slid 2 fingers I side her and moaned out.....

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