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Don't Go Into The Basement (trigger warning)


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Kate had told Diego that Bull was coming over.


He got excited.


But, he doesn't want you to watch this time.


Diego was disappointed.  He loved watching his wife ger fucked. Blonde hair, blue eyes, plump tits and soft curves. Just watching her made him cream in his pants.


We are going to be in the basement. You just stay up here and don't come into the basement.


The doorbell rang and Katie went to answer the door. 


Kate led Bull through the living room by the hand.


Diego just watched.


Bull gave him a polite smile and nod. Then slapped Kate on the ass.


Diego could hear muffled sounds coming from the basement 








Diego heard his wife scream out that she was cumming.






He heard his wife screaming out loudly.  Oh My God. Over and over and over. Oh my God.


Then a muffled screaming.


He had to know what was going on.


He slowly walked to the basement door.


He heard Bull saying something,  but couldn't make it out 


He opened the door the crept down the stairs.


He made it halfway down, then the stairs gave off a loud creak.


He looked over the edge of the railing. 


Bull was standing there, naked with his cock hard.


Kate, his wife was on all 4s. *** collar around her neck attached to a leash. Clamps on her nipples. Double ended dildo, in her pussy and in her ass. Ball gag in her mouth.


He ruined it, said Bull.


Diego creamed in his pants and felt 2 inches big


Kate stood up and took the ball gag out.


She threw it at Diego. You totally fucked his up!


I....I..., Diego stammered.


You... you... you fucked this up after I told you to stay upstairs. 


Bull grabbed her by the hair and pushed her down on all 4s .


He led her around by the *** collar.


I fucking hate you, she said to Diego.


Bull tugged on the ***r.


Bull slapped her as hard and she grunted.


He worked the dildo in her ass and pussy.


Ramming in it and out. Out and in


Did you know your wife likes to get DPd she asked.


Diego stood there with his mouth open.


Bull worker the dildo harder and faster


She moaned out and screamed as she came again.


Bull pulled out the dildo and threw it at Diego.


He turned Kate towards her husband.  


She was on all 4 and Bull rammed his cock in her ass.


She screamed out.


Bull fucked her ass without mercy.  Tugged on the ***r and pulled on her nipple clamped.


Bulls body slapping against Kate's ass was met with her screams.


You're splitting me in two she moaned.


Bull only fucked her harder

She screamed a gutteral scream.


Both hands around her throat, arching her back, Bull fucked her ass as hard and fast as he could.


He grunted


He pulled out and pulled her to her knees.


He stood over top of her. Stroking his cock. 


Bull pulled her head back. 


Groaned out as he came. 


His cum shot onto her hairline, forehead and face.


Huge gooey loads squirted out. 


He pushed her head forward. 


The cum dripping down from her hairline and forehead all over her face.


Diego just watched with amazement

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I really like this one💋
2 hours ago, mittens96 said:

I really like this one💋

Glad you liked it good girl

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