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Gender Man
Age 57
Status Single
Zodiac sign Gemini

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Firstly...I am looking for an attractive lady for a D/s relationship with strict rubber bondage being a major ingredient. I want someone that I can grow with, I want something that has some meaning. I know that these things take time, but I am a patient man.

I have had a lifetime in music and art, so I have a vivid imagination and would always be looking for new ways to satisfy my partner.

The lady in question must be prepared to be kept in strict bondage for long periods of time, pain is not really an issue, but obviously there would be a modicum of discomfort involved, but only pleasurable discomfort.

My aim is to have a lady as my captive, and secured in various ways, to provide a feeling of total helplessness.

Full sex is not a prerequisite although of course very enjoyable, but I honestly prefer oral sex, both giving and receiving. Nothing is more satisfying than having your partner in a vulnerable position whilst teasing her to climax orally. Of course she would be put in a forced position to return the compliment.

The lady in question can expect to be secured in such a way that however hard she tries to avoid my probing tongue, she will soon realise that there is no escape and to struggle would be pointless.

Ultimately the identity of chosen one would be hidden behind a rubber doll mask, and would be severely gagged with duct tape. From the outside she would look like a beautiful mannequin, but beneath the mask, she would be a speechless submissive.

The object of the exercise is to create a rubber doll, that I can keep in various forms of restraint for as long as I please, and to do whatever I choose to do. Complete safety would always be a priority.

Rubber wear has, and always will be the way I like to see my partner dressed, but I also have a penchant for 40/50's corsetry, stockings and pantyhose. Large corsets or girdles with multiple suspenders and seamed silk stockings are a wonder to behold, and would always need to be worn when dining out.

Although strict bondage is the main ingredient in this profile, the vanilla side of life is also important to me. I love to cook, enjoy a good glass of red wine and the occasional whiskey, long walks and most importantly...laughter.
I also have a desire to encase my captive in many layers of pantyhose and then leave
Inflicting pain and humiliation on my partner was not really on my list of things to do, but I'm sure that I can fulfill any requirements in that department if required.

I have circumnavigated the Globe many times owing to my life spent in the music industry and believe that life is the greatest gift that has been given to me. So I intend enjoying every minute that I have. If this time can be spent with someone with the same desires as me...all the better.

Activities of interest...Latex - Rubber - PVC - Duct Tape Bondage - Gas Masks - Breathing Apparatus - Breath Control - Shaving - Kissing - Sex - Heavy Bondage - Light Bondage - Heavy Gags - Mummification - Sensory Deprivation - Stockings - High Heels - Corsets - Vac beds - Body bags - Straight Jackets - Inflatable's - Chastity - Rubber Masks - Bondage Hoods - Inflatable Hoods with Gags - Leather - Rubber Wear - Role Play - Cat suits - Vibrators - Hogtie - Collars - Blindfolds - Pantyhose - Nipple Clamps - Love Eggs - Cling Film - Controlled Suffocation - Heavy Duty Straps - Butt Plugs - Blindfolds - Handcuffs - Thumb Cuffs - Oral Sex - Masturbation - Vibrators

Anything else would always be considered

It doesn't matter to me how far away from me you are, as I honestly believe that if you want something badly enough, distance shouldn't be a problem. Ideally I would like my prospect bondage partner to travel to me, and be prepared to stay for a reasonable amount of time.

Please do not contact me if you are foul mouthed, rude, aggressive, feel the need to show me your fanny, (I know what a fanny looks like)
or you're too bloody lazy to correct your spelling.

Although my predilections might seem a little intense, there is always room for compromise, as I would never want my captive to feel that she is in a dangerous situation.

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I am 100% Genuine.

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