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Choking Fetish / Strangulation Fetish


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My wife and I are interested in adding some kink in the bedroom. One of the topics discussed was choking. We’re both beginners with this kind of thing.


How was choking fetish introduced to you?

How should we go about evolving bondage choking/ strangulation fetish it in the bedroom?


All choking bondage advice is appreciated



I got my choking fetish when a girl I was fucking just placed my hand around her throat and asked me to squeeze, it was fun 😋 Just remember that when you're bondage choking someone you're trying to reduce *** flow and not particularly breathing. Squeeze either side of the throat because putting too much pressure elsewhere could damage the windpipe. And strangulation fetish isn't actually about strangling at all. 



I would recommend researching Air ***  and *** *** The differences the effects and also the consequences of incorrect application before you start choking bondage. There are various effects which can be achieved with just the right light application of  bondage choking. Right from assertion of control. Light headedness all the way to semi and ***. Learn about it read then enjoy safely when done correctly the feeling on both sides is intoxicating for the giver and receiver.

Remember any kind of breath play is inherently dangerous but there's the good bit the danger and edging into *** play if that's your thing as well as the choking fetish itself.

Talk about it explain what you both want explain what and how and why. And if in doubt STOP. You can practice both applications on your self I did and then you get a how where and what works . Have fun . But remember strangulation fetish dangerous and it will KILL..


Before you get into strangulation fetish/choking fetish ask these questions. Is she asthmatic, does she have heart problem, has she suffer panic attack?

Then learn about the neck anatomy. Practice slowly in a non play environment, and ask her feedback. Is the pressure too hard, any numbness, dizziness etc.... when she feel you have a good feedback then start in the bedroom but gently during sex.

Don’t put pressure over 5 seconds with your hand in a shape of a V. You could also do it on your back with your arm wrap around to avoid pressure on the windpipe and on the *** flow. Bondage choking is a very risky play.... if you go to a munch ask someone there who’s experienced and show you to do bondage choking. 


Thanks for the advice so far. It’s much appreciated. We have read some choking fetish articles online but we wanted to hear from some experienced bondage choking people also.

We’d also like to hear from some ladies on this. How did you get involved with choking bondage/ strangulation fetish?


When I first encountered a lass who wished to employ bondage choking  "breath play"I didn't know what the hell I was doing so refused.I understood the very real dangers involved and used pure common sense. However realisng my shortfalls in this most extreme of kinks I basically did what you are now, sought advice and researched online.

Since that first introduction I have been lucky to have gained some practical knowledge of choking bondage. Its not about restricting airflow but more about restricting *** flow from the carotid artery and the best way I've found is from the rear arm around the neck and applying pressure to the sides NOT the front.

You must be so careful when doing this not to affect the windpipe an also bear in mind you cannot now see the reaction of your partner which also has it's own very real dangers.

Baby steps is the key, gentle to begin for no more than a couple of seconds then talk and see how your partner feels about what just happened. If all good slowly increase the pressure and duration until you find just the right level. Recap.your CPR skills just incase.People do die when strangulation fetish is done incorrectly and there are very real.risks involved in choking fetish so caution at all times.


I first posted the below comment on 15/1/2020 on another thread, but the information here is possibly vital to your survival! Ignore the warnings above and below at your peril. Since posting this, I have read lots more about it and the only conclusion that you can draw is that choking fetish/ bondage choking cannot be done safely.

Many years ago, in a sibling altercation, I put a “*** hold” on my brother that rendered him *** within a matter of seconds. Fortunately he came round a few minutes later, but I now realise that this incident could so easily have been fatal to him.


On 1/29/2020 at 4:17 AM, Donnykinkster said:

Recap.your CPR skills just incase


Do remember that the statistics are that only about 4% of attempted resuscitation attempts on *** casualties are successful. Most of these attempts are unsuccessful and the casualty dies. A sobering thought indeed! Even if you’re up to date and practiced in CPR, the likelihood of you saving your playmate’s life if they are *** and in fibrillation is pretty low. 

Actually, the more you read about breath play/ choking bondage involving asphyxiation, the more you realise how it cannot ever be practised safely. At all! This really cannot be considered to be sane. There is always going to be some significant level of risk. That is why I would never advocate doing this, even with someone who is very experienced in it. Because even then, there is no reliable way to predict when you’ve gone too far. Everybody’s physiology is very different. For this reason, I have never ever blocked off somebody’s air supply when practising breath play. My breath play is completely different, as I will explain below.

Most people without specialist medical training will not know that very quickly with asphyxiation, something called PVCs occur. PVC in this case is short for premature ventricular contraction. If one of these premature ventricular contractions happens in a certain phase of the cardiac cycle, it can very quickly lead to ventricular fibrillation. Without wanting to go into too much medical detail here, the long and short of it is that if this happens you are very likely to die, due to the lack of *** supply to the brain. In thousands of studies that have been carried out with health professionals, not even one health professional who has the appropriate knowledge of the relevant physiological changes that take place during asphyxiation has conceded that there is any safe way to carry out breath play /strangulation fetish involving asphyxiation. The risk of cardiac arrest is very significant. When you understand that the vast majority of people who end up in cardiac arrest, even with rapid and effective CPR treatment, actually do not pull through and subsequently die, you have to ask yourself some very serious questions about whether you want to engage in such a risky activity. There are other ways to get your kinks satisfied safely.

When I refer to breath play in my profile, what I am actually referring to is the use of a rebreather bag. This does not stop the wearer breathing. Rather it alters the breathing gas mixture. This can be made to be hypercapnic, that is having a high level of carbon dioxide in it which will increase the rate of breathing, it can include poppers within the breathing loop which has a relaxing effect to the muscles and causes a head rush due to the lowering of the *** pressure, and it can be a really exciting and interesting addition to kinky play.

There is a very big difference between asphyxiation, particularly that involving pressure to the neck, and apnoea, which is the holding of one’s breath for an extended period. With apnoea, preparation is carried out that prepares the body for an extended period of lack of breathing. With asphyxiation this does not take place and therefore the triggers for PVCs can be very strong.

There is a wealth of information about this on the Internet, but I can point people in the right direction if they are curious and want to read more about it from people who are much more knowledgeable than I am. I know enough to stay alive, and I know what I wouldn’t do. Pressure to the neck and asphyxiation is an absolute no-no unless you want to end up on the wrong side of a lawsuit, or in a box. It’s extremely dangerous. Play safely, kinksters!


Well said BUT people will still play bondage choking games such as this and some of  the attraction is that very real danger of choking fetish. The lass I learned with used to squirt as I restricted the *** flow,she loved it and so did I so we played right up till we found her limit which was her on the verge of passing out. Yes Dangerous I'm not going to deny that but extremely satisfying for us both. Words such as yours are a sobering reminder but as I say no matter the advice given by others there will always be those who wish to experiment and play games within choking fetish/strangulation fetish.

On 1/29/2020 at 4:17 AM, Donnykinkster said:

restricting *** flow from the cateroid artery

With respect, Donny, you may have gained some practical knowledge, as you say, but it tends to detract significantly from your credibility when you don’t actually even know the proper name for the CAROTID artery. The methods you are advocating are way more dangerous than you can possibly know, or you wouldn’t be advocating choking fetish.

You are absolutely correct: some people will always dice with death for the thrill of it. I prefer to get my thrills safely.

I’m not going into detail here, as I’ve written copious amounts about this elsewhere on this forum, but I have been a SCUBA diver for 26 years, a Master SCUBA Diver Instructor for 11 years and a free diver for getting on for 20 years. A deep understanding of apnoea and the cardiovascular system is vital to practice these sports safely and there is much to all of this that crosses over into the kinky play world.

A little knowledge, they say, is dangerous. Certainly it can be, without the necessary supporting academic understanding behind certain practices. I would respectfully recommend that you do a lot more reading and you’ll soon stop doing what you’re doing and advocating others to follow your advices. People who do these things are the statistics, the ones we occasionally see headlines about, such as: “Young life tragically snuffed out in kinky sex game gone wrong”. Just..... think about strangulation fetish. That’s all. 


Couldn't agree more and it was merely a typo not ignorance of how to spell a word.With respect Im fully aware iof the dangers involved and don't need a "master diver"to tell.me this,hence my first refusal to consider choking fetish as it was something I knew nothing about.

I'm not for one moment advocating anyone does anything but the fact remains they will still want to play with bondage choking.Yes it's dodgy of course it is of that I'm fully aware so risk management for me is the key for choking bondage. No I'm far from an expert and appreciate your words of advice but just because you don't wish to play in this way and advocate others don't it will not stop them.The man asked a question and I answered end  of

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Thanks everyone for all the advice. The wifey got a good fucking last night...... Along with a nice gaping asshole.

She’s enjoyed being dominated lately.... I’m sure I’ll be asking about other topics soon.


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