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Is Political correctness having too much influence..?

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This is a subject that has got me really angry.Why? Sitting out side a Well known coffee shop...with friends...who have an inkling about me because of the way I look and dress, but do not pass any comments. We were chatting about a recent article in a newspaper about this subject, about  how it affects the Gay and Fetish community and whether it helps or makes it more difficult for us.

What happened nearly led to us being arrested. A couple sitting next to us were giving  us very disapproving looks.They left a few minutes later and came back with two Local Bobbies who gave us a warning that we should not be discussing what we were in a public place where members of the public could overhear and be offended! The only good thing that came out from this is that my few close friends know a lot more about me. I could let rip about my anger about what I can talk about and where. Will it get to the stage when I will not be allowed to look and act how I want to? It is not as if I am dressing as a woman to deliberately miss lead the public with the intention of some form of personal gain. I do not go out with that intention.

I get a lot of compliments,nearly always from women,about my dress sense but I feel that it is getting to the stage where any form of self expression is not our decision how we go about it. Whether how we look or being able to chat in a public place..but we are being re educated in a way to conform  to newly established social behaviour etiquette.

What next?are magazines about our community going to be banned from being displayed on the top shelf! I wish I could use the language I want to use but biting my  tongue, still hurts.This is too important an issue to ignore. Something needs to be done..!..There is something else I will mention along the same lines later...Cassie


Sadly Yes!..Where is Stalin when.he is needed?..More societies to to hell through.Intolerance, than ever do through Licence!..If personal.carnal.preference is up for public opprobrium....What next?..a free box of matches with every.copy of Justine??..b


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This is so true ...ive even been told that my tattoos are offensive and i should cover them up .. they can kiss my arse ..i had my tattoos so I can't hide what i love if they dont like it its not my problem it's there's... easy as that .C

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I’m glad this subject has been brought up as it has been a subject that has vexed me greatly over the years and the political correctness that Cassie mentions is not a new thing. But I am sad to hear that you have suffered the judgement of others and had to deal with the police giving you a hard time simply for being yourself and exercising your right to free speech Cassie.  


I have been known to be quite an anti-war activist and have regularly protested in the capital against many of the wars, arms sales and student tuition fee’s in my time. Hell I even camped out on parliament square when the incredible Brian Haw was still with us to show my displeasure at our governments behaviour when you could still do that and not get arrested.


What has been something that is newer than political correctness is the enforcement of the thought police that Cassie has encountered.  Ever since 9-11 took place, successive governments in the UK have been pushing an agenda to clamp down on many forms of free speech and freedom of expression. The excuse used to be terrorism but that has morphed into offending anyone’s religious, cultural or moral sensibilities and it’s an eerie phenomenon that has echoes of George Orwell’s 1984.


Personally I will never submit to any outside authority telling me what I can and cannot talk about in a public setting and anyone who challenges me on this - be they police or anyone else - will get both barrels of my freedom of speech and be told exactly what I think of their creepy and Orwellian behaviour towards me.


In my time attending protests and being heckled and had police officers attempt to intimidate me or make demands of me that were actually unlawful I very quickly learned about my own rights as a private and sovereign individual and would have to remind the police officers of those rights I have on a  regular basis.


Unfortunately repressive governments will always want to control free speech as much as possible and are afraid of free-thinkers and those who question official narratives, authority or it’s power and overreach into our lives as private individuals. Governments like a docile and controlled populace who do nothing out of the “perceived norms”, and on the whole as a society we have been inching closer and closer to marginalising many groups of people who may already feel like they exists on the fringes of society, so the type of behaviour and tell-tale snoopers that you encountered only act to reinforce this type of big brother style of thought policing.   


Hopefully as the reigning neo-liberal/neo-fascist political environment changes as the country goes through further large and wide scale changes in the future, but I’m not holding my breath.

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