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Saren dipity do dah

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My wrap name is K Ling Philm (uk people might get this)

I'm on a roll and the best

I can tear you off a strip

And bind it round your breasts

This is my angry frustration wrap

I'll get it off my chest

And if i get a lot of likes

I'll call my album "Keepin' it Fresh" .


I don't go to munches
I don't like knives  or scars
I don't like clichéd leather boys
whose skinheads look like Mars.  
I can't tie ropes for toffees
Or chain you and treat you rough
I just want a deep connection
And to tease you in the buff.

So seek me out for intelligent chat
add piquancy to my day
Cos such nice guys with a kinky streak
Rarely come your way.

Let's explore your inner slut
or marvel in your play
Roles are fine for buffet lunch
Cake and eat it ..hurray!!!

P.S. waves to littles..they seem to like that
Breadcrumbs yo!

(Mike drop)

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