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As we walked past open rooms and closed rooms with the corridors adorned provocative art and murals. I felt my excitement ignight, I was thrilled to discover that the corridor opened to a large room,sexy and alluring.

my eyes immediately fell upon the cross at the back of the room straps and ropes, yes that's where I belong, upon the cross at Sir's mercy.
he guides me up against it. I felt his hands wander over my body as his soft lips grazed mine. Sir turns me around so I face away from him. and I take the ropes into my hands as I splay myself on the cross.

My dress lifted above my arse my thong and flesh on show ready for Sir. He rubs grabs and pulls at my skin before he draws back and brings his hand down across my ass at speed. Heat flooding to my soft arse cheeks as the sound of contact fills my ears. I gasp in delight and feel my body come to life with passion and desire. I'm ready now I just want him to take me. I'm lost in my world of pleasure and *** and crave more harder, louder all Sir can give.
Instead Sir hands me my drink and leads me back towards the bar, that was just a tease. I silently tell the cross t hat I look forward to loosing myself on it soon.

Back at the bar it's getting busier,the atmosphere relaxed. I joined in with conversations and found myself incredibly drawn to a particular woman she oozed class, style and a confidence that was most attractive. I found it hard not to let my mind wonder to far as I envisaged my hands roaming the curves of he beautifully proportionate body. Perhaps how she'd groan if I was to nuzzle my face between her legs tease her, lick her, rub her lapping up her sweet juices as I make her cum for me...

I was pulled away from my wondering mind and continued to enjoy conversation sipping my gin swirling it round my mouth livining my taste buds.
After a short while Sir looked at me and suggested we go and spend some time together, I was delighted to oblige. As Sir walked me down the now familiar corridor I began to feel that heady mix again of antisipation and excitement of what pleasures were to unfold.

We entered a private room and locked the door behind us. The room had mirrored walls a dark and sexy theme but lit well enough to appreciate each others bodies and expressions. The cream leather like bed and cushions were all wipe clean, ready and waiting to be played on. Each muscle pulling and twinging with each breath that was full of desire and lust a fierce storm was brewing just beneath my skin patiently awaiting Sir's attention.

Eager to remove our clothing I clumsily fumbled with the soft silky ribbons that were drawn tight down my back. I required Sir's assistance to release me from my restrictive corset.

As it's lowered to the ground my carnal Instinct awoke. bringing all my senses to life, an intense surge of passion drove my body to Sir's. desperate to touch and be touched.
His head between my legs his tounge circling and flicking my clit followed by long smooth strong laps of my cunt. His control and masculinity emminating from him filling the room.

Groans escape me as I watch him eat my cunt. Sir starts to fuck me with his fingers while still manipulating my clit gradually increasing his rythem and intensity my body building rapidly tightening like a coil I begin to tense and tremor as suddenly my body peaks at the overwhelming intensity of Sir hitting all the right spots mixed with my mind alive buzzing with carnal desire. With one more push of Sir's fingers my body released my orgasm every part of my body responding to Sir as I gushed. The rush between my legs as my sweet puddle flowed around me the wet sound of my soaked cunt as Sir continued to finger fuck me until I had finishes Cumming and squirting.... And this was just the start.

Still laying on my back in my mess Sir walks round the bed to my head. I am always eager to please and feel my excitement rise again knowing I am about to pleasure sir and have his cock.
My head leaning back off the edge of the bed I willingly open my mouth. Sir takes my hair as he fills my mouth with all of him causing me to immediately retch and gag tears filling my eyes. Each sweet breath Sir permits me brings me enough relief to compose myself before I take him deep into my throat again. As Sir's thrust deepens vomit suddenly swirls up around his cock. filling my cheeks and seeping from the sides of my mouth  mixing with my tears and running into my hair. With each durhe of vomit Sir  raises me by my hair allowing me to swallow it back down. He leans across me while still fucking my mouth his fingers luring an orgasm. Sliding into me touching all the right spots causing me to cum and gush at the same time that I gag and vomit. I was truly lost I'm my world of pure joy my body and mind primal and primed. I'd squirted so hard and so many time that the entire bed was literally a puddle as Sir finished I released a crazed almost demonic laugh one even I did not recognise. I licked at my mess on the bed the sweet sweet taste of my sex.

From there was a blur I had lost myself to the freedom, I was liberated. So very alive and full of fight and fight I did.
Clawing at Sir's body with my raven sharp claws pushing and hitting at Sir giving as good as I get spitting at him full of emotion I was mad and angry and asserting my dominance riling him up each time I spat brought Sir one step closer. His fist raised and came down across my face as I challenged him he was letting me have my fun but fun like that comes at a price and that wasn't enough to stop me. He grabbed me and bent me over the bed and rammed his solid cock deep into my ass. I cried out as he fucked it harder and deeper and faster I cried out again and again in pleasure and *** that wonderfully heady concoction that only a good Sir can provide.
Still the relief when Sir removed himself from my ass I suddenly felt spent. My body was weak amd my legs shook as I felt myself return to my relaxed content state. That was my first sexual experience where I could truly let go!

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