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The awakening, Part 6

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The training"


Day 5.


Our two players so far have walked an easy road, the connection between them real and much more than a physical one. It's as if even though distance separates them they stand side by side. Together in mind, body and soul, this connection has helped guide them both, created a smooth path that has had no twists or bumps, that is about to change. 


"The Brat"


She wakes again, a rough night, broken sleep, her whole body on fire, the urges flowing like lava, red hot yet white hot between her legs. Her needs overwhelming and powerful, the urge to come too much, driving her insane, she can't even think clearly, all thought focused on the fire she feels.


Her body struggles with the concept of restraint, craving the release orgasm will bring yet it's the mind she fights,. She can feel those thoughts, embraces them yet ***s them away, tries to suppress the noise she feels in her mind, ashamed that these thoughts *** there way in, unable to fully gag the words that keep seeking through 


"Touch yourself" 

"He won't know"

You will feel so much better"

"You know you want to"


But he has forbade any play until they meet, she knows she must do his bidding yet in the same breath she thinks rebellious thoughts, thoughts that may induce punishment, harsh handling, a voice that's no longer soft, gentle. A voice that's stern, hard, no lnger a knight but more of a growl, wolflike, his teeth sharp and she drips. The lava takes control, the heat uncontrollable and without even really realising it her hand slowly begins it's journey towards the heat, towards the one place he has told her she must not touch and she is lost.


Later she thinks, shame flooding her for denying his wish, thinking frantically of ways to hide the truth of what she's done. He's said many times than anger has no place between them yet she doesn't believe him, she can see something hidden within him something dark and aggressive and yes it frightens her yet doesn't, the thought of what he secretly carries being exposed makes her stomach churn with *** yet excitement the likes of which she has never felt.

She loves what he is, how caring and kind, patient and understanding but deep down she craves the darkness even more and she knows as if a switch has been thrown what she's going to do. It's delicious yer so wrong, it goes against everything he has said yet it fits, she thought she knew herself and what she was, he is proving her wrong, he is bringing a side out of her she never knew was there. In the blimke of an eye she realises she must tell him of her error, she wants him to know, she needs to push back a touch and she craves his reaction but she doesn't understand why. She picks up her phone and begins to type, her sole intention to make him angry, all thoughts of deceit gone, the truth he will hear and again she begins to throb, the heat returning, her cunt getting wet as she purposely chooses to push.


"Good morning Sir, are you well?"


"HI Babygirl, I'm well, just getting ready for work but it's Wednesday 😊😊two more days. How did you sleep?"


"Not very well Daddy, I'm tired and I ha e something to tell you"


"Go on"


His mind explodes, his senses come alive and he already knows what she is to say, his 6th sense working well as always.


She has ***, she knows there will be a reckoning yet she wants it, needs it, most definitely cannot explain it.


"I fingered myself this morning and I came 3 times"


No apology, no excuses, not trying to hide. "Have that"  she thinks and she smiles, s delicious feeling of the strangest sort, one She has not felt before, this man changing her in ways she just didn't think was possible, bringing out emotions that are alien, new, strong but pleasurable.


The reaction she receives not one She expected and again she caught by surprise, wrong footed completely by this unique and special man.


"And was it pleasurable Kitten?"


A stupid question, of course it was pleasurable she thinks. Dare she, does she have what it takes to push even more? She craves a harsh reaction.


"That's a stupid question Sir, of course it was, I came so hard and feel so much better"


Out knight is grinning wildly now, so so happy that she will push, in no way disappointed or angry but fully understanding what she wants. Remember they only met 5 days ago, yes they danced for a year or so but that wasn't real, this is as real as it gets and he revels in it. Rejoices that she chooses a path of strength and submission. She will submit completely, of that he has no doubt but this, this spirit she displays will give that submission much more weight and validity. However this is his game played by his rules. Yes those rules are flexible, he's always believed an Oak must bend in the wind, have flexibility or the wind can sometimes break that Oak but how flexible and when to bend is his choice alone. 


She thinks she can text, she is wrong so he rings.

The call comes through and an instant rush of panic overwhelmes her, *** mixed the purest form of sexual excitement she has ever felt as she answers.


"Hi Daddy"




That's all he says, nothing else as he wishes to see how she is going to proceed, one word said as if ice flows through him but in reality delighting in this new game they play and he waits.


"How are you Sir?"


"I'm fine thank you, have you enjoyed yourself this morning, was it worth it?"


"I had no choice Sir, it was uncontrollable"


"Nothing we do is uncontrollable little girl"


That's all he says,, the complete lack of warmth that he usually displays  shaking her A very real doubt creeping in, perhaps she has made a mistake.


"I was so horny after yesterday's task Sir, it's as if my body took over and I really couldn't control it"


"Good to hear you had fun kitten. We shall look at control in detail on Friday when you come to stay, then we will look at punishments that are appropriate and educational"


"Are you angry Sir?"


His heart warms as he knows what he must say, he knows it will need her but she has to learn. He purposely injects warmth and affection Into his voice.


"Not at all Kitten, as I've said many times anger is not something we are interested in. I'm very disappointed though, I expected more from you"


And in those words any defiance she felt, the need to push back is swept away as if by a powerful wave, any strength she felt suddenly void. An empty vessel exposed, weak and pathetic. Disappointing this man, knowing she has let him down the worst punishment there is and she can't help it, her eyes begin to sting and the tears come unbidden and unwanted yet come they do.


He instantly feels empathy, his chest hurts a little when he hears her sobs, he wants to hold her, cuddle her, wrap her up in his arms and whisper quietly to calm this special girl, to show her that it's ok, we all make mistakes and get things wrong yet now is not the time, now is the time to show something else. She is testing him, testing his resolve and he will not disappoint. Boundaries must be set, weakness not acceptable.


"We will talk Friday about this Kitten, about responsibility, protocols, punishment and submission. If this is not for you then maybe I have misjudged what you are"


A pause as her sobs become stronger, racking her as she tries to breath. The emotion she shows almost causing him to weaken, to become less but he ***s that weakness away.


"No sir, I'm sorry" she sobs


He knows already how she feels, he knows already he has forgiven her, in his mind it's not even an issue but she is not to know this. The way he deals with her right now, at the beginning will set the tone of their friendship.He can't let up, she must learn


"Hmm ok we will discuss it Friday, I have to go now Little girl, will talk later" 


And the phone goes down, no goodbyes, no warmth and she sobs.


It takes time for her grief to subside, her eyes sore and regret flooding her system, a mistake made cannot be undone. She thinks, little occasional.sobs escape as if they have  a mind of their own and slowly, ever so slowly her eyes close and she sleeps. 



His reaction, its infuriatingly kind and sweet and cold


But do you understand his reaction,he had no choice. If she wants this life she had to learn a lesson. He has to be sure before he takes

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Yes I do... But it still annoys the brat in me 😂

I feel her frustration. 


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😂😂obviously I'm not  a brat so I really had to think to try and work out how a  brat thinks. Was I close?


100% on the ***... 

Although personally my reaction at the end would have probably been different but up to then I could totally relate to everything. You have a natural understanding of the brat mindset ❤️


She cried herself to sleep I imagine you would be ranting and raving?

13 minutes ago, Donnykinkster said:

She cried herself to sleep I imagine you would be ranting and raving?

Just to jump in here. I agree with Alphasub, it's really quite relatable but I think I would of ranted and raved then got upset. 


Also love reading these! Great work 


Thank you 😊

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I feel so stupid but i cried. Maybe for them maybe for me to, I dk.  Wth is wrong with me damnit🙄

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