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The awakening, Part 9

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"The training" Day 6 , part 2


"The training"


Day 6 part 2


Evening draws slowly in the darkness creeping over the horizon as if the four horsemen follow behind, an air of menace filtering through with uncertain times ahead. "Just like my mood" he thinks as he stands at the window. Unsettled, unsure for the first time in many years, struggling with emotions he's never felt before. All is ready and prepped, surely he should be excited, over a year to reach this point yet something warns him, his mind in overdrive using logic to Vulcan levels to try and understand yet the answer eludes him and for the first time in his 47 years he feels ***, *** of the unknown and he trembles.


However our "Maiden" our 5ft 123lb little girl is not feeling his apprehension, she feels nothing but confidence and power.  Not the power that vain men chase through a common vote or that awarded exceptional service personal, this power is the purest form there is, unbreakable as the Redwood trees of North America, something others sense as you pass them in the Street, an aura some carry and cannot be explained, confidence. She's struggling to understand these new feelings but do not misunderstand as i draw slowly to the end, my story of affection and lust, friendship and trust. At first this strange sensation she felt scared her slightly, confused her but not now. She soaks it in as a sponge does water and she grows.


 Our knight is by far a perfect man, a loner who has struggled at times through his life, made terrible mistakes and hurt good people. A man who seeks character, redemption from his past if you will,seeking to ease the shame he carries of those slighted. However it's not all doom and gloom and he is grateful that they were brought together for many reasons. Some selfish some not, she is teaching him much about himself, more than he thought was possible and he is not the sort of fool who does not listen to what is said,by the mouth, eye or brain. He knew he was Dom the day he really thought about sex and women, He just didn't understand it and that cursed him for 30 years , he's listened and learned the last few years, not been afraid to ask, mingle, yet she teaches him more and he know as he always has that this world is never by any man or woman to be fully understood. 


Excitement floods her as she climbs into bed for the night, serene would I think describe her best, not the woman she was 12 months ago, different, alive. Craving just to be near the man, his presence enough. A good day today, lots of laughing, silliness, a relaxed atmosphere and the urges she felt still around but resting. She knows tomorrow she will wear his collar with pride, honoured that he would choose her, imaging the moment 100 times today and never tiring 


,She slept well, a deep one full of forests, darkness, one where the predators roam and the wolves are king a drream she enjoys and when she wakes she awake instantly, alive excited, ready. 


"Friday  tomorrow at last" the excitement palatable as he knows all these years and his search is at an end but life being life is a cruel beast but hes at oeace. He knows he has time, the redemption he seeks is within his grasp, he can prepare her for the life, he has contacts and he trusts them, all will shadow her and protect,  but he hopes she will be able herself. Has grateful for the chance, he finds her then loses her, how the Gods must laugh. The phone call, the visit, the diagnosis. "Eating away his liver" they say, 12 months they say, well fuck them.It phases him not the diagnosis, death is something he does not *** and it's embrace in it own way will come as a relief but the *** of losing his "maiden" cuts him deeper than anything else,his eyes sting again but again he pushes it away.Yes he will allow himself those moments but now is not the time, he has more important things. Tomorrow is Friday where they really do begin, he hopes so much she will wear the collar when he offers it but will remain steadfast should she not

He has made mistakes this week and doubt does niggle butExcitement floods him, his dour mood gone, Friday at last. The woman he now loves he hopes will become his at least for a short time, he will not let her know this to try and save her some of the *** he knows is inevitable. No,how he feels he must keep to himself but he has time and with that the redemption he seeks will ease his mind when the darkness comes

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