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The awakening, Part 10

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Rested and alert his eyes open, at last it's time, the week behind him interesting and slightly unnerving.  He knows a lesson is mere hours away, a new experience but this one with a woman who has done nothing another ever has, our knight feels love. He knows what he must do and his mind is set. Sadly he accepts the need for deceit and half truths, She must be allowed to enjoy her new life, taste it's joy for at least a few short months until the poison he carries makes it impossible to camouflage it's onward march, then he will release her, better prepared for her life ahead. A clear plan provides the boost he needs so he rises and prepared for her arrival, all thoughts of mortality and what lies on the other side expunged from his mind, joy filling his heart as he focuses more on the day ahead.


Heat, that's what she feels, her whole body on fire, a ferocious roar of lust needing release, her cunt as if a separate entity throbs with each heartbeat, She feels light headed, shaky, nervous but hunger, insatiable and very real takes control. Not the type that is satisfied by a hearty meal, something else, something that slowly over  the last few days has crashed into her at a pace never felt before, She feels wild, aggressive, a delicious intensity that causes her to drip, brings on a desire to be the taker not the taken, She feels primal


 Yet something else, something not sexual, a thing she feels in her chest for this man and  in seconds the hunger is replaced by something else. Instant anxiety as this she allows, its onward march unstoppable and she knows what it is, She understands perfectly , this the most powerful emotion known to man and again she feels ***, her strength suddenly gone, *** yet she can't help it, to deny the truth of what it screams at her would be to deny all she is becoming, the tears again flow unbidden, unwanted down her cheeks. She let's it come, the fight suddenly gone as she accepts the truth her emotions and all the possibilities they may bring, confusion reigns.


A quick run, his mind alive as he pounds the tarmac, his pace increasing without conscious will. His body starts to tire, the lactic acid burning deep,  a *** that clears his mind, charges the inner strength that has carried him over the largest of challenges life has tested him with. He is strong, he is Dom and he is ready.


As arranged, She wears the clothes he chose, her hair a style he likes, waxed and clean, fresh yet hot. A time to arrive, a window of arrival that must be exact, the tolerance a mere 5 minutes. Too early and she knows entry will be denied, too late and the same applies so early she leaves unwilling to even risk a mistake at this point, a point her 21 years have brought her too, a moment she knows with no doubt will define her whole future, a future shared with her guide, her friend, her partner and lover, her chosen one, her dom. All thought of fight strangely gone, the beast she felt no where to be found, another variable that just causes confusion. When the storm that is to come calms and they lie together after she will discuss all this, seek his guidance, his words surely will make all clear, of that she is convinced. "He will know" he always does she thinks as she starts the car, a journey of importance and as  she drives her mind clearing she feels two things, a deep emotion for her man and submissiveness in a way she has never felt. She will throw herself at his feet the moment she is there, She will bow to his will completely, her ability and will to choose her own path gladly and willingy surrendered. 


Power, inner strength, the desire to take slowly begins to pervade all he is, any doubt gone as he prepares. A blip maybe the last few days, the doubt and uncertainty surely his mind playing tricks and as he prepares his shape changes slightly, his mind alters completely and he no longer walks, he prowls, his flat no longer a home but a lair, a place to trap his prey, a place to devour his catch , a place where for the first time he will "own."


The journey an hour at most, her car seems to drive itself as she thinks, the wait too long, her desire to please and serve too much, her Journey to this point a difficult one, ***ful, sad at times as she dealt with the manipulations of men, the games they play with only one goal, the machinations of men finally behind her. He is no man, not to her anyway he is much much more and she thanks fate for the push towards her other and she arrives. Her instructions clear she knows where to park, his flat she can see from where she is and she has plenty of time so she waits and thinks. She thinks of it all, the meet, the journey so far, him, everything. Her emotions that have been so wild and varied, unexplainable the last week but he will know, he will help her understand the aggression she has felt  and as she she thinks without any thought, without even realising it deep from within, from her darkest of places it stirs again.It awakes and it knows the "feast" is here. Just being this close to him is causing sensory overload and the longer she sits waiting for the agreed time the higher her loss of control, his voice, his smell, the way he is, the way he carries himself all of it she thinks. Again for the thousandth time she listens to a voicemail message he sent when they first met, She listens to his voice, soft but firm, the affection clear as a bell, it calms her and she waits.


He's ready, all is in place, his preparations complete. A few minutes till the appointed time so he thinks of it all. What  brought them together, the building of trust, the mistakes made along the way. As he thinks he hardens and his breath becomes ragged, he feels what he really is surfacing again and as he looks at his hands he sees not fingers and thumbs but paws and claws, he hunches as if ready to pounce and he is ready, he's always been ready he realises as the clock slowly continues it's inevitable journey, it's unstoppable march towards the moment  he was born for, tick tock, tick tock and the minutes slowly, ever so slowly pass by.


It's time, her nerves shaking her badly as she climbs out of the car, doubt flooding her but not of him  of herself. Doubt that she's good enough, doubt that she will be able to really please and serve, She doubts yet her feet keep her moving forwards towards his door. Doubt yes but not of intention, only of self and before she knows it the door faces her and she shakes violently, breathes raggedy with her stomach in knots checks her watch again and knocks.


At last the knock, his whole body tense, power flowing through him, only strength and a compete understanding of what is about to occur, a clear plan in his mind. Total domination the moment the door is closed and they are alone, verbal.to begin, consent already given, limits discussed. He will show the utmost caution to begin but again as his feet take their master towards the door the doubt again appears, his gut warning him to caution but still he does not understand. Ho listens but understanding fails him as he looks through his spyhole to confirm identity, checks his watch again to confirm she has followed his instructions and opens his door.


He stands there resplendant, strong, kind and fair, a man whom she felt she would never meet and she smiles, looks at him directly "Hello Sir may i come in"


He's stunned by what he sees, a magnificent woman before him, her aura takes his breath away, and he sees not the timid little girl he met a mere week ago but something else. He looks directly into her soul and he sees not her looking back but something else, something to respect, confusion reigns and so does that strange emotion he has randomly felt s few times this week, he feels *** but being what he is, his *** he hides as he Says "Please do Kitten" and as she moves forward he stumbles backwards completely unsure of what stands before him instantly understanding and cursing his own inexperience, his lack of knowledge playing him for a fool. Before him is not the girl he met, She still lives, she still breathes but for now she's hidden,replaced by something else, something he's heard about, something discussed with those who helped him learn and evolve, helped guide him. Before him is no submissive, his heart thunders as he prepares to defend himself from the beast he sees, his little girl gone.  


The threshold of her new life, only one step to take and as she moves forwards adrenaline completely and utterly floods her, not the adrenaline of ***, far from it. This is the adrenaline the hunter feels as  the kill is made, once the chase is complete and the prey is cowed, accepting it s fate. She steps in and closes the door at last a true understanding. At last realising this man before her was all she needed, a trigger to complete her identity, the guide who has brought around her "awakening"


She growls and he knows how badly he's misjudged her, *** yes but a deep awareness ***s him to calm himself, he knows she is his as he is hers and he also knows there is no real danger as she launches towards him snarling as she does, his throat grabbed roughly, slammed Into the wall and pinned, unable to fight, unable too move. Her strength and dominance over him total, he tries to fight his strength deserts him, cowed by this magnificent beast, understanding perfecty how the dear feels as the lion ***s, knowing there is no fight, there is no point, hes no match for her. Without conscious thought he submits completely, here to do with as she wishes.  She leans forwards. as she holds him, her hand a vice around his neck, her mouth inches from his ear and she whispers her instructions.


                    "The End"





Stunned, you imp! 

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