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What do Dreams really mean?

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Are dreams  an escape from reality or a possible clue as to how your second life will start?

Over the last 2 or 3 months...my dreams have been about waking up as a highly sexed,really sexy looking with a very sexy voice young female!There are variations of the dream but only to do with situations that I would find myself in!

I am beginning to believe that there is an after life,and would give anything for my dreams to come true.Where I would draw the line is making a pact with the devil.I would prefer to go to Heaven than suffer eternal damnation for wanting to wake up as a female.

If you believe in an after life,do you think it is possible that your dreams can be posted as a message ?


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dream are made of memories, frustation and regression then take over your brain night life mode with variations depending if you had a drink or took drugs...no space messages


Most theories seem to think it's the subconcious brain making sense of things.

From my exoerience dreams do reflect life events to an extent.


Maybe you saw a movie like that, i know of one where a guy and a girl switch bodies(forgot the name).But yeah dreams are mostly what you have experienced so far and you subconscious making sense of it, your desires and dreams, things that are troubling you, etc. 

Maybe you should try to contact a therapist if you are troubled by it,  no offence intended its just that therapists are better equipped to help you with this than most of us here.  


Dreams doesn’t always necessarily come true but they are called a dream for a reason: if you want it to become true then make it happen if there’s a possibility, you won’t know till you try.  Because life is just too short to have second guesses and then have regrets later. For those missing gaps. 

Just know that you have the power and control over the dream and not the dream taking you slowly and slowly into yourself losing control over the dream and ruin your life of memories. 

Dream can be seen as an escape of reality so long as your not drifting into it and in denial that that dream is everything to you because there is a lot more than just a dream in your life. Time doesn’t wait for you it’s what you make out of it each day. 

Hope whatever that dream of yours is is that you get peace of mind from it all. ☘️😊

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I was able to experience lucid dreaming on a few rare occasions and it was an amazing experience, but unfortunately not always easy to achieve. I have always felt that dreams are the brain doing "maintenance" on the file system. I also started to write down my dreams and it was interesting to come back to what I had written after a few years. 


One theory is, that what we call 'dreams' may well be the brain (during REM sleep) shuttling memory impressions from short term storage to long term storage. 

When we awaken during the REM stage, our mind becomes fleetingly conscious of the rush of unconnected images 'n' sensations - and attempts to make sense of the resultant mess by looking for patterns - trying to construct a narrative from the disparate memory impressions. 

It's basically a completely subjective, in-skull avant garde movie (think 'Un chien Andalou' or 'Eraserhead'.) 

That said, that residue we have in our heads when the alarm goes off is endlessly fascinating, isn't it? 

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