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She tried. In most earnest "good" sense, she tried to ignore the burning, the "devil" in her crotch. It had been so long since she had allowed herself such carnal pleasure, and her body was responding with a passionate protest that made her thoughts wander to lurid images of how demons would use her, if she gave over to the dark side. Haunted for days, until she thought she might be driven mad, she swore she could hear heated whispers and mocking laughter in every shadow knowing they empty, or at least, devoid of life. She had rushed to her bookshelf with urgency; because of those salacious voices that followed her everywhere, but mostly because walking made her thighs rub together, adding infuriating friction to the flames.
Her fingertips found her target quickly; she always knew where the book was at any time, often consulting it when tough issues arose. Indeed, this was a tough situation now, she thought, as the wetness grew between her legs as if invisible fingers lightly traced the velvet folds hidden in her panties, no doubt the devil's own fingers trying to tempt her! She snatched the thick book and hurried back to her bed, feeling comforted by its familiar weight. Plopping down on purple comforter among scarlet pillows, she set cross-legged with the majestic hardcover nuzzled in her lap. That hardness pressed rudely at her growing damp spot and felt so good that she immediately chastised her thoughts while fishing her rosary from her nightstand, allowing it to dangle between her breasts over loose shirt as it fell around her neck. Surely now, she would be safe.
Cracking open the heavy book, she felt a sudden calm wash over her, and she released a long breath she hadn't realized she was holding. Her fingers flipped through the soft, near translucent pages aimlessly, basking in the reprieve from flames licking at her sex. Her "pussy", she shamefully thought; she had always felt so naughty calling it by the various names others used, like giving it a separate personality from her self - not a piece of her, but with a mind of its own. That's definitely how it seemed: the insatiable Cunt that could summon demons from the slightest rub, sated only by Satan's own thorny, bulbous cocks (she always imagined him having two or three).
Although she believed the heat in her loins was subsiding, she began to realize it was actually spreading. Pounding loudly in her bosom, her heart was yelling that it felt the rise in temperature. Light perspiration across her flesh assured her that she wasn't just imagining the room getting hotter and slipped off her top that felt sticky on her skin. She was careful not to tangle it in the rosary, the beads and crucifix refreshingly cold against her bare titmeat. Nipples like fleshy stones ached for attention with wanton disregard for risk; the edges of the book in her lap abruptly dug into her inner thighs, and the surprise distracted her from tugging at those sensitive bits.
Arching her back sharply, she gave a lingering stretch, spreading her legs around the book with its stiff leather cover. A low moan escaped her throat as the corners sc***d over the inside of her legs, leaving behind angry red scratches in soft skin like jagged lines on parchment. As if on instinct alone, her hands slid over her torso finding their way to her thighs; her clammy palms caressed the marks until they met at the crease between her legs knowing the slight fabric allowing her some shred of modesty had long soaked through. Prodding against the wet area made her fingers slippery slick, so much so that she found it difficult to get a finger hold on the book, her damp fingers slipping over the cover as she blindly fumbled for it - not daring to bear witness to her sin as she grinded the hard book edge with her twat. After a few thrusts of her hips, she gave up on teasing herself and pulled the panties to the side, exposing her drooling quim to God and the world.
She bit her lip hard, hard enough to taste *** although that didn't deter her assault. With pulse racing throughout her form, she felt so deliciously alive, every nerve in her flesh aflame as the end of the book timidly licked between her labia; the supple leather felt almost as a lover's tongue tasting that sweetest nectar for the first time. The thick volume clenched in both hands to steady it, she slid her fuckholes against the course edge, causing shivers to shoot through her limbs. The book had found her clit and bit it as sharply as she had her bottom lip. Her body responded in the only way it knew how; she could hear her pussy gush a fresh layer of gleaming polish on the leather binding.
If she had ever felt shame, that was lost now. Lust had replace all semblance of morality as she hastily pulled her right leg free from the panties, leaving them trapped around her left thigh. The discolored cotton, soaked in the tearful innocence of her trembling slit, was forgotten immediately as she roze to her knees in a seductive slither. Tipping the book on its side, she found it just the right height to drag the secret bits between her thighs over the rigid spine as if the veiny shaft of a stiff cock she was trying to coax into her mystery spot. Her pelvis found a natural rhythm, vigorously humping that book, the glimmering title disappearing, then reappearing, within the swollen lips of her dripping cunt. Like a bitch in heat, she was filled with a frantic need to be penetrated. She just was not getting there no matter how ***ful she got with her thrusts, the rosary slapping at her tits.
Like a low rumble, she could hear the voice from the shadow once again, unable to resist the allure and promise in the vulgar tone. She stripped the beads from her neck, choking herself on first attempt in her haste. She peered at the palm-sized cross in open hand for a brief moment before pursuing its path through her twitching labia, finding that special sanctuary deep within her twat. The long, blocky arm slipped inside awkwardly, but with no resistance. The beads swung erratically as she fucked herself with the crucifix; she lifted her left leg, stepping tiptoe, to stop the length from tangling in her dangling panties, but also, because this position spread her legs wide, lewdly putting her pussy on display and making it easier to ram. A thought popped into her head as the crossarm beat against her taint, and she had to stifle an abrupt giggle:
*Jesus is IN me.*
Focusing on the ***, she nearly fell forward and had to prop herself up with her right hand as the sinister hand continued its indecent task. Bawdy moans escaped her throat as her gash rained over the black cover with fancy goldleaf lettering, but the cross wasn't what she considered big, leaving her feeling empty and...unfulfilled. The voice was no longer a discreet whisper from the shadows, but invaded her skull, pushing all other thought out and claiming her mind. Pleasure tickled her cheeks, and she smiled a small, secretive smile; she had reached that exquisite surrender that *he* had taken over her thought process, her hands were *his* tools now. Like a slutty marionette, he was manipulating the strings to her limbs, his long fingers gripped tightly around her brain, wringing out all good sense and humility.
So, it should have came as a surprise to her when fingers she no longer controlled plucked the ineffectual phallus from her twat. She should have been shocked when it traced a line of slippery lube from that most hungry opening to her quivering pucker. Revulsion should have overwhelmed her as it poked at her asshole like the thumb of a rude stranger. Instead, a gasp of pleasure erupted from her chest, bucking her hips back wildly against the impaling. No, it was blissful abandon she felt, that familiar comfort of being completely and entirely owned: mind, body, and soul.
Head and shoulders collapsed to the bed as the orgasm peaked, ass up bobbing over the book. She wasn't she if she were squirting or pissing - and honestly did not care, but sprayed each time her ass was stuffed ***fully. The unholy buggery continued until she were sure she was dehydrated, hand dropping with a splash to impress the point. The book was saturated, she had soaked Genesis clean through Revelations; the panic-stricken horror of realization caused her to gasp: she had ejaculated on the Holy Bible.
"I'm going to Hell," the breathless admission slid over her puffy bottom lip and floated into the room.
"Probably," he said nonchalantly as he stood, freeing himself from the shadows and startling her, although she didn't dare move. Standing beside the bed, he lifted his left boot to the damp and disheveled bedlinen, stepping precariously close to her head. "You will serve me there, just the same."
She lunged for the black leather, polished to a gleaming shine, kissing the toe with a passionate zeal. "Thank you, my Lord," she repeated between kisses in rushed whispers, as if muttering a private prayer. Her bottom wiggled high in the air happily, causing the beads to wag like an excited puppy tail between her thighs. A sadistic grin twisted his lips as he wrapped the soiled necklace in hand; despite knowing what was coming next, she still yelped loudly when he jerked the cross free from her clenched sphincter in one smooth yank. Even before the shivers subsided, she was climbing up his torso and nuzzled her face against his chest. Several slow moments passed before she pleaded, "Please, my Lord, fuck me. Use me as you desire, break my spirit, destroy my holes. I need you to ruin me." She met his cold stare before continuing, trying to impress upon him her carnal hunger, "Please, turn me into your whore!"
He lifted the rosary to her mouth and pushed the crucifix into her pouting lips before answering, the flames of cruelty flickering in his eyes.
Blinking in bewilderment, she sagged back, butt resting on her heels and beads hanging from her chin as he turned towards the doorway. She was immediately thankful for the bit between her teeth to help her restrain her angry tongue. He couldn't stop her from thinking it loudly, certainly, and she called him an evil bastard in her mind - imagining herself screaming it from a mountainous peak. He shot a dark gaze at her before disappearing, but she only had to wonder a second before knowing if he had heard her.
"Amen," he responded, then the door clicked closed and lights went out.


Excellent read Cade, thank you for sharing xx


Awesome story! Impactful and relatable. Terrific job, Cade!

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