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Bunny, Pt 14 — Jake & Bunny, A Homecoming


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I’ll be posting this intro for a bit; So, we are getting into the meat of the book now — which means there’s some new characters being introduced, and that means more dialogue, and not always leaping straight into the sex bit.  We are also getting into some difficult family territory as well, which may or may not be interesting to people.  That doesn’t mean the sex isn’t happening, it just means the scene and character  building is a thing, and we may take a bit to lead up to it.  I hope you all stay interested. This is based on my life, and the things that made me how I am, so of course it’s interesting to ME — and sometimes ***ful, even. As always, thank you for reading, and for your wonderful comments! 


I spot Jake from across the street, slouching against the doorway to my apartment building and smoking, with a huge backpack leaning on the sidewalk next to him. His light ash blond hair is clipped close to his skull, and his tall, lanky frame is looking ***fully thin. I run across the middle of the street, dodging cars and calling his name; 


His head swivels around, and he spots me – shoving off from the doorway. “Sis!”

I throw myself into his arms, and we embrace, cigarettes dangling from both our fingertips. Having my baby brother in my arms after two years is like water to a woman dying of thirst, and we stay like that for awhile, standing in the middle of the sidewalk, making passersby step around us.

“Oh my God, Jake, I’ve missed you so much!”

“Me too, Sis, Oh my God, so much!” his voice breaks, just a little, and I pull back to look at him. Instinctively, I look up into his eyes, searching for the telltale dilation…and hating myself for it.

“Jake – what the Hell? I don’t hear from you in weeks! When did you leave Oahu? Did Dad…”

“Kicked me out,” he says tightly, bending down to pick up his pack, and flicking his cigarette to the curb. “Oh, how I hate that Son of a Bitch…c’mon, Sis. Let’s go upstairs. I’ll tell you all about it. Plus, I’m starving!”

“You look it,” I say, eyeing his too-thin frame.

I dig my keys out of my bag, unlock the doors, and lead him up to my apartment.

“Wow, nice place, Sis!” Jake says, dumping his backpack by the door and loping around my flat, taking in the kitchenette, the huge bed in the centre of the room, the big daybed under the huge windows by the fire escape. 

“Thanks! The daybed’s all yours,” I say. “We can use that Chinese screen thingy for privacy at night – I use it to change clothes.”

“Cool, thanks!” 

“Pizza OK?” I ask, rooting around in my fridge.

“Are you kidding? I’d kill for a slice! Is it Hawai’ian style?”

“Of course!” I say, looking at him in offense.

He laughs, perching on the windowsill and lighting a smoke. I pop the pizza into the toaster oven, digging around for the red pepper flakes. My baby brother likes his food HOT. I bring him his plate, and he scarfs the four slices down in under two minutes.

“Jesus, Kid, when’s the last time you ate?”

He looks down at his hands, and shrugs. “I dunno…Dad kicked me out on Monday…I worked for the rest of the *** to get here, was squatting in the meantime at Scott’s studio. He fed me. I caught the Thursday plane out here, then slept rough at O’Hare til it was late enough get to your place…I guess Friday?”

“But…that’s almost two whole days!”

Jake is quiet for a minute, then his face just crumples and he puts his head in his hands and starts to sob. I rush over to him and pull him to me, holding him, breaking down and crying too. We sit like that for a long time, until there are no tears left, and he’s asleep with his head in my lap. I lean against the windowsill like that, smoking until night falls, and the only lights in the apartment are the orange sodium glow of the street lamps. 


Eventually I walk him over to my bed and tuck him in, sitting up next to him on propped up pillows and watching him for some time. My genius, complex, intense, emotional, damaged, beautiful baby brother. The last time he lived with me, I put him through rehab twice, and he had to spend some time inpatient at a mental health facility. And he needs help again, now, clearly — although he’s sober today. I’ve raised him since we were kids, and he’s my responsibility. He’s 17 now — the age I was when he was born — and he’s just finished his GED. In two months, he’ll be 18. If he’s really sober now, this could be a great thing, his coming back now. He could get a job, get on his feet, maybe even go to college…

I wonder what our piece of shit father did to him…

I pick up my cellphone to call him, my anger so strong I can taste it in my throat. Then I put the phone back down. Better to wait until I hear Jake’s side of the story first — and better still to wait until I’m not ***ously angry. If I’m angry, I won’t be able to be rational. And that won’t do Jake any service. 

I get up and walk to the fire escape window, grab my smokes, and crawl out to sit outside. My stomach is burning with anger and shame over my fucked up family. I want to fix things for us. Want to make things right. So many things have happened that it’s impossible to pin down what Event is to blame…or even whom. And so, of course, I blame myself. 

But there’s no changing what is. I want to take whatever is inside Jake that makes him use and tear it out of him, but there’s no such tool in existence. If he has to go back to rehab, then I’ll take him. End of. 

I have the sudden urge to creep upstairs and tap on Nick’s window, have him take his whip and beat my worries out of my flesh. Then my thoughts turn to JC, and what he said about fucking me until I begged him to stop. I just want someone to make my body feel something so intense that I don’t have to feel this *** inside of me — so I’m unable to think. So that I can think clearly again. 

Only lose myself in the sensations of the flesh. Just for a little while. 

I stand up and peer up at Nick’s window to see if there’s a light. I creep back inside my flat and quickly scrawl a note to Jake and leave it on the pillow next to him, kissing his forehead and smoothing his hair – “Just popped upstairs to Nick’s – 4C. Knock if you need me!”


I climb back out the window, then up the fire escape, and crawl through Nick’s open window — tiptoe across the room, and climb into bed with him.

“Bunny? What is it, love?” He asks, reaching for me, his hands already sliding my jeans down, his face in my hair. 

“I need you, Nick…please…”

He’s deep inside me before I can finish my sentence, fucking all my wild, spinning thoughts from me…

“Hurt me, Nick…fuck me…” I bite his shoulder as he thrusts harder into me.

“What is it, Bunny, what do you need?” He asks, grabbing my hair with both hands and pulling my head back, looking me in the eyes, still thrusting deeply into me. 

“My brother…”

“Oh, fuck,” he breathes, burying his face in my neck. He slides his hands down my body, then quickly flips me on my belly. He kisses my neck and back gently, then reaches under the bed, and I feel the thin leather straps of the flogger trail across my back and buttocks teasingly. 

“I know what you need, baby…”

“Yes, please…do it…”

The sting of the whip on my back, my ass, my thighs while Nick beats me and fucks me is like a sweet respite — making me gasp and cry and come — delivering me to someplace beyond all my *** for a few precious hours. 

I sneak back downstairs just before dawn, and Jake is still snoring lightly. I lay down on the daybed, and fall immediately asleep. We don’t wake up until mid-afternoon. 


33 minutes ago, Blueslave said:

This story is great

Thank you so much, Blueslave! I truly appreciate your commenting. 


Love this story, dont this iv ever been so hooked


Red I knew there was going to be a twist sure wasn't expecting this  loving this

16 hours ago, Richf86 said:

Love this story, dont this iv ever been so hooked

Wow, I’m very flattered! Thank you, Rich.  

11 hours ago, Mickey10 said:

Red I knew there was going to be a twist sure wasn't expecting this  loving this

Mickey, thank you — I’m glad the twist was a good one for you 😘.

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