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Just throwing something out there

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I sit alone trapped in a prison of my own design,
My greatest solace is that it is mine; And yet
in this moment I am freer than I’ve ever been.
immersed in the beauty of a world of my own creation
I’m not lonely, I have found desire
In the paradise of my imagination
I can do as I please
There are no boundaries, no limitations
no rules, restrictions, or regulations
There is simply a river of ink, a forest of lines
A mass of entangled symbols and signs
I’m not lonely, I have found freedom
I am trapped, but I cannot feel chains
I am ensnared by pros and verse
Words flow through my veins
As though language was a curse
I’m enthralled by the stroke of the pen
And a rhythm beyond my ken
I’m not lonely, I’ve found truth
I cannot escape, I do not wish to
There is nothing I would rather do
This is no cell, rather akin to heaven
Than to hell, the pen is my seductress
And words my mistress
I sit alone in this room
This palace of my mind
I’m not lonely, I am home
I have found my way


Your words sing.  Keep writing. :sparkling_heart:


You have found your way indeed...

That's beautiful x

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