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Finding Sanity Part 1

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Disclaimer: My own original work, a fantasy.


She stood by the large picture window overlooking the city, lost in thought. Master had left the suite an hour or so ago, on the hunt for a special something. But right before he left, there were four rules he needed her to remember...


"No clothes, chiquita. Do not open this door to anyone, do not go outside looking for me. If you are hungry, then you will wait until Master comes back, understood?"

"Yes Master." There were bright lights twinkling in the distance, out of the window. She could see all the buildings, the traffic below...everyone looked so small...

"Say it back to me so I know you understand, pet."

"No clothes, don't open the door, don't go out, even if it's to look for Master." She said it as she was staring out the window. All those pretty lights...

Master grabbed her chin between his thumb and forefinger, pulling her face close, his green eyes staring daggers into hers. "And?"

Her big brown eyes grew wide. Visibly gulping, she scrambled to think. What else? What else had Master said? She felt his fingers tightening.

Growing impatient, Master reached up with his free hand, twisting a nipple hard and fast.

"Food!" she shrieked.

Master shook his head disapprovingly. That wasn't right...


Master's hand came down hard on her ass, once. He waited a beat.


Twice. He waited again.


Three times. She cried out, trying to balance herself against him, reaching out to hold onto something, anything. She ended up on all fours again. Master crouched down in front of her.

"What about the food, pet?"

Vision blurred and ass on fire, she whimpered. "I have to wait until Master comes back."

He nodded, his hand cupping and rubbing her ass. He seemed to whisper something, but she couldn't hear him. She took comfort in the soothing motions, whispering her apology when he came back into view.


But that was more than an hour ago, and her stomach was grumbling. He had kissed her, reminding her again to keep the door locked. Still, she waited. Master would be back and they would continue their brief respite from the every day. For now, she would enjoy the view.

She rubbed her right side absently, smiling at the reminder. She suddenly realized what Master hadn't said. 

Her hand slowly slid up the front of her body, cupping her breasts.

Master didn't say she couldn't touch...




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I love reading the pieces you write, you've got a amazing way with words! Thank you 😊

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