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New Year Resolutions.

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I hope everyone had a really enjoyable Xmas and you received what you really wanted under the tree or you received what you didn't want.....but enjoyed whatever it was!I got both...but one is really too rude and personal to mention.Can't wait till next Xmas.

Anyway , back to Resolutions. I have 3

To  continue with having very subtle permanent make up...only eyes.To lose weight , which leads to my 3rd , which is to meet someone who has a deep love of corsets to help me in making  a very special corset which includes a  Chastity belt. Which can be changed at any time ,for a Female one as well.Took years to come up with the idea.

Well , there is one more,to find a way of posting a message that will journey through space and time and be intercepted by an Angel , who can make it come true in my next life.

Happy New Year , and may all your resolutions come true....with a little bit of effort...Cassie...


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