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Finding Sanity Part 4

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Disclaimer: My own original work, my own fantasies and experiences.


I'm not much of a *** slut. At least, I don't think I am. I guess one day I'll find out. Until then, here's the next part of the fantasy.



Chiquita's body trembled. She was tense, laying stiff over Master's knee. Both hands were trapped in one of his. She could smell the leather of Master's belt and ***d back sobs. Master promised. He promised


"You seem intent on not listening, pet. What kind of worthless slave are you, that you forget your lessons so soon, hmm?" Master used the belt to stroke down her back, to her backside. "Keep your head up."


She lifted her head, whispering softly, "Yes Master." 


"Maybe I should get another slave. One that will listen and remember all her lessons, hmm?" It was a rhetorical question, but one that chiquita still answered. 


"N-no Master," she sobbed. Tears blurring her vision.


Master dropped her wrists, slapping her face. "You don't speak, slut." She flinched, her cheek smarting from the sting. Master showed her the belt. "Kiss it." Her lip trembled, tears falling and collecting at the corners of her mouth.  "Now, slave!" 


She shook her head slightly, afraid of what Master would do with the belt, but more afraid to disappoint him further. She planted a soft peck on the wide length of the belt, hanging her head in defeat afterwards. Her tears came in earnest now, fat drops rolling down her cheeks, her nose, and her chin. Her face red and blotchy as her hands came up to grab her head. 


Master switched hands with the belt, rubbing it over her ass, down her legs. Warming her up with small circles against her skin. After a moment, he laid the belt on her back, grabbing her wrists. She felt his grip, firm and unyeilding. Then she felt the slide of the belt over and around her hands. Her wrists, now firmly bound, were left hanging in front of her. "Now, what did I say about your body, slave? What did I tell you the last time you wanted to touch what was mine?" 


She must've taken too long to respond, because in the next moment, she felt his hand crack against her bottom and *** flared. 


"Answer me!" 


"I-it's yours, M-master. Only you can touch it," the words rushed out of her mouth.  


"So you knew."



"And you did it anyway."



"Or did you think it was just for that day, hmm?"



With each strike, chiquita jumped, squirmed and cried out. Sobbing, red-faced and blotchy eyes. "I'm sorry, Master," she was breathless and somehow she knew they were just beginning. 


"Shut up, slut. I don't want your apologies right now." Over and over, Master's hand rained down on her backside and thighs. Not quite finding a rhythm, never in the same spot twice.


"Look at you. I bet if I touched this pussy right now, my fingers would come away with all that sweet cream," Master slid his hand against her slit. And in spite of the ***, in spite of the ***, cream coated his fingertips.


"You little whore," it was said softly, almost reverently. Master took a few ice cubes in his hand, letting them melt in his palm before rubbing her ass. She jumped, hissing at the sensation, her body writhing.


He shoved her off of him, standing and undoing his pants while she found her knees again. She couldn't sit back comfortably, shifting from side to side, sobbing still and keeping her bound hands in front of her. 


"Open." Master's voice startled her from her thoughts, she looked up and was faced with Master's cock. Thick and hard, throbbing. She opened her mouth, sniffling. The taste of her tears now on her tongue. 


"Prove to me that you're good for something." 


She would. She swore silently to herself that she would prove it to Master. 





She shouldn't have forgotten so easily. But, sometimes you need a reminder of the rules. *sigh*


I totally adore your story so far, so thank you for sharing. I so long to read more. Your story telling is a true gift and Chiquita’s plight one of a submissive total joy. Please write more I so long to learn her fate xxx

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