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It owes me ***


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It's been 2 hrs since you feel asleep, you hear him drooling in your mind,  lisping above you and grinding those blackened nubs that he calls teeth .

Demon wheezes into your mind 
" it owes me *** "

You try and shake this thought away , but it's not gonna happen.
" it owes him *** "

A fun joke at first  , until Demon found it even more interesting. 
You clamber out of your bed , long forgotten the passion and warmth that it once shared.

" it owes him *** "
You grab your phone 
And and retreat to the white cell.

"It owes him *** "
You flick the switch and try and shade your eyes from the ensuing bright LED lights of the room.

The demon licks those rotting stubs , and stars uncontrollably screaming. 

You see your reflection 
Worthless Cunt , he screams in your mind , not even , Cunts can feel .
Cunts can feel the beauty in life , you feel nothing. He screams giggling maniacally. 

He licks his lips " it owes me *** "

Long ago it was a thrill , those moments quenched after years of self *** ,shame and loneliness. 
You assume your position,  no matter which way you look you see yourself in that 3ft by 3ft mirror.

You apply yourself to the task at hand .

"It owes him *** "
You scan thru the porn site 
Searching for something to help quench the demons needs and wants 

He screams at you " you worthless scum " he screams in glee , you catch glances of your reflection. 
He screams  , you'll never no pleasure cunt , he lisps , you can touch , they can touch , but you'll never feel he screams .

You aggressively massage the dead fleshy cock in your hands , it used to be fun - but that was long ago.

Demon screams in mind , worthless shit and cunt your are.
You push hard against the shaft of the cock, makes the cock harder and firmer,  but still no feeling. 

You find something to help stop demon 
" IT OWES ME *** " he screams as you massage the dead cock.

You blow your load 

There , no fan fanfare , no release,  no connection. 
You watch as you pump that lifeless cock,  ensuring that the all the cum is pumped in to the toilet,  destroying the evidence with a simple flush. 

Task accomplished, you check the time , only 30mins of demon screaming in your mind. 
You sigh," Not finished cunt "he lisps .

Piss for me he squeals,  deep silent sigh from inside of you.

You grab the surplus lube and a fresh instrument. 

The years of doing this has the prep time  for the insertion in under a minute. 

Demon giggles,  favorite part worthless cunt he screeches. 
The dead cock in hand opens to accept this sanitized catheter. 
You count the inches as they enter,  the count reaches 11.
The urine begins to flow with ease the 4 inches of foreign plastic protruding from the tip of the dead cock 

Demon licks lips , favorite part Cunt he squeals with glee.

Cock in one hand you grab the now filthy urine coated tip of the catheter  and pull ,
The lube covered piece slowly leaves inch by slow inch , waiting to feel something. 
You feel nothing after each depressing inch of removal.

The lifeless plastic swings out from the dead cock , both tips covered in a mix of lube ,piss and cum.
Demon howl's,  back to bed cunt he lisps.
You wash and dry your hands and check the the reflection one last time

See you soon worthless cunt.

You sigh , and head back to your now cold bed.

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