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I was invited to an erotic art exhibition through a friend who couldn’t go and ask me to give an opinion about it. I had no plan tonite so few free cocktails and canapés was welcome in this boring week. Plus I just bought a new suit today from a local tailor. Sharp blue with a red delicate seam. The silk inside was dark purple. I put my black designer T-shirt and some boots, and my favourite belt with my soul ***. 

I was not too far from the place so I decide to walk, the temperature was perfect, not too hot or cold. People around me were happy and the terrace were full of cuddling couple or young poets. 

I could see on the other side the gallery was very busy and people were gathering outside drinking champagne. I said hi and recognise few faces. Few kisses and handshakes took me to inside. Some big pictures hanging from the ceiling dictate the atmosphere. One grab my attention, a woman tied up in chain while some multicolour pearls of ***t were projecting at her. It was very captivating. 

Then I heard a voice saying: 

I wonder if the ***t will form some dots on her body or just splash all over? 

I reply I guess the photographer settled on this one and kept it a secret! 

I turn around and saw a beautiful blue hair young woman kept staring at the picture. Her hair not too long not too short with a sharp fringe, her eyes green very captivating contrasted with a deep cherry lipstick. She replied I supposed so. Then she walked away. She was wearing a flowing thin dress with low cut exposing slightly a bouncing firm pair of boobs. Her walk was confident, sensual and feline. 

I carry on looking and studying the other pictures and ***ting then enter into a dark room. Not many people were in there as it was too nice outside. There was a big screen showing suggestive plants, flowers, food with erotic theme to it. In the corner I noticed that young woman again , looking at the pictures too, chatting and being fondle from behind by another woman. She caught me and smile before kissing the girl back. I left the room to get another drink at the bar and see more about the exhibition. I pass a dark room showing some glowing wax candles melting, with moaning effect noise which wasn’t really pleasant and they had some sweat and kind of sex smell, it was very weird and uncomfortable for me. 

Later again I saw that mysterious woman as she was staring at a bdsm picture. A submissive tied up to a chair with a butt tail and her breast were pulled by a chain attached to her nipples rings. Her head was pull back, her mouth open receiving a white pearl liquid from a huge erected cock. 

I called a waiter, put a blindfold on his tray and ask to take it to that woman. I was watching from a dark corner, she took the blindfold look around, hesitate one moment then put it on with a giggle. 

From the bar I order a cocktail made of spice rum, orange liqueur, champagne and 2 cherries still attached together. 

I approached her slowly from behind, she shiver but recompose herself, without a word I took the cherries out of the glass and rub them against her dark lips, she pull her tongue out and lick delicately the cherries before sucking them and spit the stones out and laugh. I pour the glass into her offering sexy mouth and she gulp few sips as I run the ice cube around her erected nipples. She liked that cocktail as she hold my hand to finish the glass till the last drop, she push her tongue inside the glass to lick the last drop, I run again an ice cube along her throat and between her breast, as I could I imagine the cold little stream going down and refreshing her hot wet pussy. I wasn’t saying anything but kissing and nibbling into her lobes. Then I grab her hand and  walk to that wax & sound room. She was very unstable with her step, maybe the cocktail was too strong and also her high heels were not the best for that blind walk. 

Nobody was in there, I get closer and put her hands behind her back while I push hard against her, I was just rubbing gently my lips against hers, smelling her neck and biting her lobes while she was listening with interest the sound of a woman moaning, she move her hips and her breathing was getting fast. I push her against the wall and push her down near my crotch. I push it against her face and she could feel my hard cock. She push her lips against it and try to grab it. I felt her frustration and was laughing. I step back and was watching her trying to guess where I was. I approach again and she grab me hard my my bum and push me hard against her face. So I took her arms and put them back again behind her. I hold her face against the wall and then walk out. She stood there for a minute then got up, took the blindfold and look around. She hold her face and laugh, took her make up out of her bag and refresh her face before going out of the room. 

She look around to see if she could see him or smell him....

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