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The Last Dance


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A lone figure enters the room , lit only with a single candelabra on an ancient piano. A tapestry hung above, and the piercing light of the moon shines through the Gothic style windows , reveals a figure of a man . She comes to him and asks for a dance, dressed in black lace and and crimson skirts , she leans into him , and locks her gaze upon him. Her eyes are emerald green , her skin a dusky parchment. With her gaze she enchants him , he takes her hand , a chill of coolness to her touch , and begin to waltz . 1, 2, 3 , 1,2,3 swaying back and forth with the music. The figure at the piano is lost in his own world as he plays, and before long he does not notice the woman has whisked the man away . Into an adjoining room, she takes him to a balcony, “ Look upon the Stars my Lord, they are constant and glowing with memories of the past “ . Into the purple studded blackness of the sky , he sees distant memories of a forgotten past . Being married, his children, his family. He again looks into her eyes, and with tears of emotion and ***. “ My Lady , why have you brought me here ...? “ and she simply says “ I am in need of a Lord , and because you’re such a beautiful masterpiece of human nature , I chose you. “ ( This man has had enough *** and tragedy in his life, he’s willing to stay with her. ) with no other reason to live a life of tragic memories, he consents . “ Alistair , will you “ ? She whispers. He brings his mouth to hers and softly kisses her. “ Lady Talwyn , I will stay with you , “ as they look upon the night’s sky , they find a fair existence. She asks “ May I give you a gift? “ ( Half expecting a trinket , he agrees .) she whisks him back into the room , and there she gives him the best gift a person could ever have. “ again she kisses him , showering him with flattery, and she grazes his neck with her lovely fangs . “ Does eternal life enthrall you , my gift to you is a truly amazing thing “ ... he sees the glint of her fangs , and almost ***s her , but he’s under her spell . “ Yes , I want to be with you “ . She makes her little cut , and drinks from him, he shakes with response, and he turns quickly. He now belongs to her

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