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Arrival at Excalibur


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Paddys past     Arrival at Excalibur 

As he turns of the machine and hears her humm die down ,he surveys the land and buildings before him.
He swaps his bike keys for his battered elvis cigarette case.
And pops the king's smiley face open,  and takes a hand rolled cigarette. 

He lights the smoke , and the air around him is filled with a pungent smell of three choices of tobacco , Turkish, French and some from Afghanistan. 
He savors this moment,  because as soon as he crosses that threshold,  he to be the best, no questions asked.
He tokes his smoke and ponders .
What hellish fun will's stumble into his life tonight. 
He saw alot before this shithole sunk its poison in him, but god he loved the place  in front of him.

Paddy drops his twisted smoke to.the ground and grinds its.hot life into ash.
Time go prep
He places the helmet on the handle bars and unlocks his seat
Tonight's uniform of shame

But will wear it with pride as the job gets done.
The line up outside the entrance consists, of the young squadies from the barracks across the road from the nightclub or all the young of age slags from down the town already drunk on liters of white lightning and such.

He strips  by his machine and line up at the door cheers and cat calls as he strips items from his from and and apply the uniform. 
In mere moments the transformation was complete,  except for one - That fucking collar of ownership,  that he puts in his pocket until the very last moment. 

As he locks his shit away , He dbl checks the day and date and all he says is "Fuck "
The Headbangers are allowed a room tonight, and that is fucking chaos in a hand basket.
Paddy smiles as he crosses the threshold of the shitty club, and enters a paradise of fun for some and sin for others, and to paddy it was wholesome fun


Afghan tobacco??? No wonder Paddy is Wack..😃👍


Love all the words
Enjoy the more to cumm.
And be as safe as you want

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