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Tales from Excalibur 's room


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Paddys Past  Tales from Excalibur's Rooms

Ground shaking, Bone throbbing techno shakes across the room before you .

As he crossed the Threshold his senses are all ***d at once. 
Visually by the flashing neons and florcents all around him aches Paddys eyes

Your nasal cavities are ***d by
Stale alcohol and vomit from the ***d carpets that covers the expanse before you.
Letting you choose your clubbing experience.

And paddys ears absorb all the sounds of the music around him, and the music makes him move in a primal way.
This shithole he would call home for the next 48 hrs.

They meet in the lobby as its
Time for the designations.
All the slaves in there blacks and whites,all wearing the collars of servitude, except paddy , his throat was bare and exposed to the world to see.
Normally it is a source of pride for paddy, but not tonight,  no way was he wearing that with those fucking ***s. 

The head slave of Excalibur sneers at paddy, but knows paddy is the best of the slaves , and the clients love his ways.

Head slave turns to paddy , " put it on."

Paddy replied  " what room , with a sneer "
Head slave    'put on your uniform "
Paddy steps forward  

Paddy watches as head slave put a cigarette to his mouth,  light a long inhaling drag.
And explell the smoke through his nose like that of a dragon directly on to paddy.

" The Fucking Ballroom, and take a fucking cherry with you".

Paddy inhales this gift of cheap tobacco. 
And looks at the 3 cherry's standing by the side of the room.

Paddy hangs his head in shame , shouts "Fuck " , for the rest of the slaves to hear.

He stands before the cherry's, and asks a simple question. 
"School", he say loudly 
All three answer at once , he hears an acceptable answer,  
And picks a cherry 

" follow me cunt" he says to the cherry .

" You are going to have the time of your life tonight,  as long as you do as your told and listen to me at all times
Your under my protection but I will fucking cast you to the wolves if you fuck up in any way , " is what Paddy spoke to his new cherry as they crossed the threshold in to 
The Headbangers Ballroom a true Excalibur experience 

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