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***d shaving


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one of my fantasies is to walk into a place be restrained and gagged and then '***ably' shaved, or waxed, having everything removed below my eyelashes.  I'm wondering if this has a name and if anyone does this?  To me it just seems a part of both submission and '***d' feminisation, but I can't find anything specific-or indeed more than one person who mentions it as an interest


I don't believe it has a specific name above '***d shaved' but I guess a lot depends on the context of this shaving.

I know someone who did pretty much a full body waxing - the context of which was more for the *** of waxing and "going through what women have to go through" rather than any form of feminisation - so it could be a *** or *** thing.

Someone did once pin me down and shave my arsehole, not ***ful but it was quite humiliating being pinned down, arse on show, being shaved there.

I will, one day, allow someone one to shave my head and/or beard - but - for either this would be a big thing they would have to appreciate.



I'm shaved but is sir wants hair then I let it grow against my desire as like to be clean shaven. If wants to shave Mr then. So be it but with normal razor not cut throat one.
I find every sir is different some like hairy some clean but to be in between and then they decide is a thrill DO I DINT Just ser some love to shave their subs others done depends on the sir

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I get my entire body waxed.  It’s delicious *** and encourages men to lick me anywhere 

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