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For months, usually in the throes of passion they had discussed it, talked of their darkest desires, always with honesty and open communication. Recently though the chat had been side by side cuddled up in bed, real talk that he knew was the truth of who they both now were. The mere mention of the word "sharing" always enough to harden him and drive her wild. Talk of random sex with strangers, dogging,  gang bangs organised without her knowledge. Eventually a place where consent was given, from her to him, for the unknown. She trusted him, knew he would take care in his actions and also knew of his deep affection for her.


Their relationship solid, no doubts in his mind anymore that if something was to occur they had the deep affection and trust required to come out the other side just as strong, if not stronger. It had worried him when the subject was first mentioned. How would he feel, to see her with others? Would he become overwhelmed with jealousy, would it shatter his ego to see her taking other men? All serious issues that he had to be sure of before they began to delve into another world. Not just though worry for him, but of course also for her. How would she feel after, would she regret or feel shame? Would she hate herself for indulging her darkest fantasies? Serious questions with serious ramifications if both were not totally sure. The destruction of an otherwise solid, deep and loving relationship assured if not taken seriously. Now finally though he was sure, of her, but more importantly of him.


The kink scene they both enjoyed, together and occasionally in a club but always only them allowed to touch. That was the rule, an agreement if either felt uncomfortable for any reason about anything then it was instantly finished and off the table. To be discussed later in private, as they cuddled close in bed, openly so both understood the why. She was his lady and he cared for her deeply, never would he allow anything or anyone to potentially derail the strength of their affection.


Weeks now he had been chatting to others, on their favourite site. Vetting men, none younger than 40, and all polite, respectful of limits and consent. These were men with knowledge and a true understanding of how this would work. Agreements were made, assurances sought and provided, and choices he made.


A weekend away, a treat for them both, laughter and fun as they explored this new city. Her sho'pping, and him being led by the hand, accepting his fate as they moved from outlet to outlet and often back to one already visited.  As is the case with some men this was not his idea of fun. yet hide those thoughts he did, a smile on his face and laughter in his voice, grateful to be with her, even when shopping. A good day he knew but also more to come, a surprise in a hotel room awaited his missus and he couldn't contain his anticipation. The primal, sexual urges he felt through his veins stiffened him,  as she for the third time tried a dress on, still unsure whether to as he sat there and thought.


Later, always amazing sex, her blindfolded and restrained, ball gagged as he took what he wished, and at exactly the appointed time came the knock. He saw her stiffen, pull against the restraints, trying to talk but not a chance. A whisper in her ear


 "Be still my dear, it's time"


To the door, knuckle duster in his pocket, no chances to be taken. He was no fool and although he had talked in detail with those who stood on the other side, trust them he did not. One wrong move, one instruction not followed or an agreement already made his reaction would be swift, aggressive and without mercy. 


Three of them, all familiar faces, a smile exchanged as he ushered them in, his right hand in his pocket, ready to react should any prove to be anything other than what they claimed. The three he sat down, could see them staring at the naked female tied to the bed and could see they liked what they saw. 


The ball gag and blindfold removed so she could see and his cock hardened even more.


 "It's time my love, as we discussed, I will not touch, I will control who and what, when and where. They will not do a thing without my ok and you will do anything I say, do you understand?


 Breathlessly she replied, excitement and a touch of *** he caught in her words but the reply a positive one.


 "Ok guys, there she is, a complete slut ready to be shared. Do not go beyond what was agreed, follow my instructions and if should she safe word anything is to instantly stop"


Those words said more for the slut tied to the bed, so she could hear. These discussions  already having taken place between the men, as had many other things. Care always, protect always, his mantra for his girl.


 "Enjoy yourselves, enjoy her, as for now she is nothing more than a tramp to be used, a slut whose only purpose is sex and the satisfaction of men, men like you so take"


And so it began, as he sat and directed, controlled both her and them. A new door opened  that night, a new path to share their love and sexuality. Something almost spiritual, something that drew them even closer, created a deeper connection than either thought possible. She found her man to be thoughtful, protective and affectionate yet in a different way to what she had seen before. She replied with vigor to all his words both of sex and encouragement, affection and love. All the way through he made damn sure she could either see or hear him, reassured in his presence and words. She relaxed and felt pure joy as they passed her around, a toy to be used. She felt sexual energy all the way through, reveling in the slut she knew she was, pleasing strangers, men she was fucking who she knew nothing about.


The men covered for penetration but her,  instructed by her man to "Swallow every drop" they were allowed to unsheathe, empty themselves in her mouth when they felt the need and she did indeed swallow every drop. Eye contact with her man as she did, gulping it down, the pleasure clear in his eyes as he watched. Three cocks and one girl, she took them all, together, filled completely, stretched and sodden. Passed around as one took a break, words spoken from all, of encouragement and harder things, and through it all he watched and smiled, his cock restrained and untouched yet stiff and ready for when these three had left.  


The word had been mentioned many times over the previous months and  now she understood. She understood perfectly what and who she was as she gave them almost everything she had but not everything. Only one special man got everything and he was sat watching, she knew ready to pounce once this was finished, once these strangers were empty and satisfied, when they had left. She knew this was just the start of the evenings fun as she knew what he would do later when alone. It had been discussed many times before, how he would make her pay for her actions, degrade her. Make her tell him what she was and what she deserved for being a filthy tramp. She knew already he was going to punish her for enjoying it so much and with those thoughts she began to fuck harder, holding his eye, smiling back at him as she rammed herself onto two cocks. desperate for the punishment she knew was to come. At that moment finally, she really did understand what it meant to be fuckmeat.




I believed every single word of that.

Especially the bit about dusting their faces if needs be!

A hard subject with an ssc core.




5 hours ago, METALSIR said:

I believed every single word of that.

Especially the bit about dusting their faces if needs be!



Rule 1. Physical protection, especially with strangers. You just never know, so plan for the worst 😊.


Well written. Got me going anyway 😉


Ps. I also liked the fact that she was protected by him physically, in both ways

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22 minutes ago, JennyWren710 said:

Ps. I also liked the fact that she was protected by him physically, in both ways

For me that's a man's first and most important duty, protection, whether kink or vanilla unless agreed otherwise 😊

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I love you were there to protect her, that's the most important bit.

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