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New to sock fetishes

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Hi everyone!! Happy to be here! 

I have recently started dating a guy who has a sock/foot fetish (clean white socks). It is very important to me that I know and understand what makes him tick. I want to please him as much as possible and even surprise him when we are playing in the bedroom. But where do I begin? What types of things can I try to do with my feet to get him aroused?


Socks I'm not so sure about, especially if they are clean.  But, it might be he enjoys sock jobs (they're footjobs, but with your socks on)

But, well, I hate to give such a simple answer but a lot of foot fetishists like different thing.

Kissing, sucking, licking, massaging, gagging...

Footjobs, ballbusting, cock crushing


He might like some of them or none

Some like clean... some sweaty, some dirty... some like freshly done pedicures... some like ***ted nails, some like barenails... some like to be teased... 

Perhaps a first step is to ask him what makes him tick... or alternative, surprise him with suddenly a foot in his face 


As communication is of utmost importance in a relationship, this is a question best presented to him. Just do it naked except for a pretty pair of white Sox. I’m sure you’ll figure it out from there🥰. Why don’t you keep un’s posted as it sounds like you’re in for a lot of fun.🌹


The advice here seems pretty on point to me. It's amazing you're open to exploring this with him, but he needs to help you understand what works for him.

Personally having a woman's feet on my face or anywhere else is amazing. I love the sensation of socks on my skin, but there's also a side of it that is heavily leaning into power and being dominated as well.

Everyone will be different and there is no general rule. I'd imagine if you were naked apart from some cute white socks and started to tease him with your feet just like you would your hands he'll probably melt for you!

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I think wearing the 🧦 socks should be enough, but he probably will want to have sexual contact and be in visual of them also, maybe he might still want you with clothes on also? Short skirt, bra, underwear or top? I'm sure if ya ask him he'll let you know 😉

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I love wearing kneehighs they look so cute and they make your legs and feet look so sexy when I was a little girl I used to wear kneehighs all the time so it reminds me of those days so now I buy kneehighs and take some pictures of my feet I have lots of pictures
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I've had a sock fetish for as long as I can remember 

I'm bi also. 


Seeing a girl or boy in socks turns me on. I'm not into licking, sucking etc. Just visual turn on and receiving footjobs when the guy/girl has nice cute socks on. Also enjoy giving footjobs in my socks. But only to lads with hard cocks. 

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