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the story of men....


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Trigger Warning: Domestic Violence




Those eyes are dark, lifeless inside

You hurt her heart and you dented her pride. 

She gave her all and even more.. 

But yet, her she lies, upon the floor. 


Trampled and beaten by stupid things, 

But in her mind, the doubt rings. 

she feels worthless, without cause, without an air of grace.. 

And why? Because you wanted to put her in her place. 


You sought what lay behind the lens, you touched her with fingers that didn't pretend. 

Those moments, those fears were soon realised. 

She wasnt a slave, she was merely Your prize. 


Her blood chills as it flows through her veins, her light suffocates as quick as she drains.

Never to feel her purpose again, because, my friend, this is the story of men. 


The debauchery of this becomes too much, the bliss she seeks so out of touch, 

she's a play thing, a nothing, to be picked up and thrown, 

she wouldn't have given if only she'd known. 


This is her meaning in those eyes of men, the ones who don't see what once glowed within. 

Her patience, her resolve, her warmth disappears... 

she becomes cold and heartless amidst her tears. 


how can she give....of herself, as she should...if what lies before her, is being misunderstood. 




  • 2 weeks later...

As always eloquence but with such a deoth of meaning...you never fail to surprise me...My Lady xxx


Thank you folks, it's always good to hear a little feedback.....you're too kind xx

Sir .....*smiles deeply and blushes profusely* ❤️xxxxxxx


Always amazing and deep. These roads so many of us have travelled are but the same. I believe we have all come together to help each of us heal and grow

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