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A good little volunteer. Part 1

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Sylvia wasn’t really a nurse but she always liked the uniform and was kinda altruistic so she offered to do some volunteering at the local hospital. Just serving tea, chatting to patients, helping them with washing and dressing. They gave her some basic training. And kind of just left her to it. After all she had a lot of experience in other areas and good references. She could be trusted.


But the head nurse noticed that she was always a little wobbly and nervous. Always apologising, always checking a few too many times if she was doing the right thing. Tripping up over herself, spilling tea, taking a long time to do things precisely but still being rather awkward and making a mess no matter how hard she tried. 


She couldn’t believe that Sylvia was really a professional woman in a highly paid job. I mean why was she volunteering at weekends? And how could she really be so incompetent? 


The head nurse wanted her gone from her ward and she thought she knew a way. 


She assigned her the most difficult patient. After several complaints about the manner which he had been spoken to by several nurses, he had been assigned a side room to try and avoid his threat of a formal complaint. I mean some of the nurses could be condescending at times, and he wasn’t the kind of man who liked to be condescended.


Sylvia had been told that he was just being kept in whilst awaiting tests, so just needed his *** pressure checked twice in the day, and to be kept comfortable because he had been unhappy with his care. The head nurse had warned Sylvia not to mess it up because they couldn’t have anymore complaints.


This only served to make Sylvia more nervous. She tried to neaten up her braided hair and added some colour to her lips to try and give an air of confidence. 


Straightening up her uniform, she tapped gently on the door.


‘Excuse me Sir, sorry to disturb You. May I come in, I’m going to be your care giver for the day.‘


Inside the room the patient smiled. Finally a proper young lady with manners he thought. 


‘You may enter’ He replied. 

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