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The rebirth of my tantra energy


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For the past few days I have been feeling odd. A little bit lost in my train of thought. Unnecessarily aggressive and unguided deep in sorrow. At first I thought it was just the change of season. Then I thought it may just be the current climate. Now I understand that it was my arousal. Past few days I felt my drive had gone. Maybe due to everyone hibernating in doors.

But now I understand that it was just my sexual energy rebuilding. Reloading. Resurfacing. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes releasing its own flame the energy is here. Tall, grand, thick. With no stimulation apart from my own inner urge to explore and create. To dive in to my own desires that are verging onto the necessity. The necessity to create something orgasmic. To a cellular level. Not just for me but for her too. To be interwoven in each other. To be bound in liberation and ecstasy for a moment to have moments within a moment that last as a continue vibration. Like a continuous hertz vibrating even after.

Let the flame burn ;). It’s the flame of passion, the flame of necessity. The flame of me and her *** in each other’s fire of glow. Let us both flow into and out of each other until there is everything flowed. Until we both glow the same. Until I take her glow and she takes mine. Until our glow is just one and we cannot distinguish where and when we started or finished but it’s a continuity of us lasting and lasting. Forever teasing. Forever denying. Forever craving. Forever needing. Forever releasing. Forever completing the lasting sensation over and over again. She needs it. I need it. The universe needs it. Just like the Big Bang and how it still vibrates through the cosmos, let us create a fantastic destruction to create the volume of passion. To create the magnitude of space with no space. To be interconnected in each other’s embrace.

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