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**TW** First Night Out Finale


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One of the men climbed on the bed and lay down. He told her to slide back and climb on. She couldn't help it, she did. He picked her up slightly, slid cock deep in her ass and pulled her down on top of him. She made sure and slid down, and arched her back, taking him as deep as possible. Another man climbed on, and took her pussy. Her head fell back and her mouth opened in a moan of ecstacy. Quickly she had a cock penetrate her mouth. She wiggled and moaned, trying to take every bit she could as all of them pounded her.
Then she felt the man in her mouth pull back some. His member started to pulse and she found herself sucking as hard as she could. He shot a huge load in her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, but some leaked out. He pulled out and finished all over her face. Within seconds another cock was presented to her mouth, and she greedily accepted. She felt the man underneath her start to buck, and then he came, deep in her ass. She felt herself twisting as he did, taking every drop. Within moments she felt the other man release his warm load deep in her pussy. Her mind exploded as she took him in.
She was moved on the bed so she was on all fours. As up in the air. They told her they were going to use her pussy as a cum dumpster. The only thing she could do was arch her back and present herself for entry. One by one they climbed on and pounded her, each of them depositing a load deep inside her. After each of them came, they would come around, and thrust in her mouth a few times, making her clean them off with her mouth. She could taste herself and their cum. Finally they were done. Her head was pointed towards the monitors. Apparently they had picked up the cameras and moved them closer. She could see her face in one, cum all over it. In the other she saw herself still trying to present herself, cum leaking out of her ass and pussy, practically running down her thighs.
Someone pointed out a side door with an exit sign. They told her her cat was right outside. She could get dressed and go. She was also told to come back next weekend, and they would gladly teach her another lesson. The men all left. After several minutes she got up, and got dressed to go home. As she did she thought to herself, that could it hurt....for a second night out.

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