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Sunflowers and Butterflies Master- The Finale


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As Master observed the deep kissing between Babygirl and the woman in the sheer white dress, he thrust his cock deeper into Babygirl only to notice that Babygirl's demeaner was anxious, unfocused, and her eye was watching how he reacted. Babygirl's first experience with a woman was passionate, driven by lust, and her idea while at a dungeon they had attended a couple years back. The most memorable evening he knew would come one day on Babygirl's terms, and with Master's permission to engage. He witnessed the beauty of her unraveling vulnerability to experience a secret desire long overdue with him. Their unwavering love for each other bonded them, and his ability to reassure Babygirl of her insecurities helped to balance those climatic moments along the pool side of the hotel at 3am. This moment was completely different and felt off. 

"Stop," Master commanded. "Babygirl, I need a word alone with you please." As he pulled his hard cock out of her wet pussy, the woman retreated into the sunflowers to wait. "What is wrong? You are not into this completely. I know you too well."

"It's your birthday, Master. I thought I'd give you another opportunity that you desire this time," Babygirl replies in a whisper.

"Ah, I see. I appreciate the meaning. I did not ask for this did I?"

"No, Master," she pouts.

"Did you vet her thoroughly? Where did you meet her? We didn't plan play. You went off again on a spontaneous idea, didn't you?" he looked down on her with a stern look. "We have our rules, remember. I understand this is a surprise, and believe me it's a beautiful surprise, " he brushes his hand through his hair then strokes his hair on his chin, "you cannot just do this." He notices she starts to curl in a ball and sobs. "Daddy has you Babygirl, now now," he gets ready to embrace her in his arms when a couple of butterflies land on her breasts as a gust of wind whooshes past them. 

Babygirl is in awe of the blue butterflies with black spots on them flapping their wings to stay in place on her breasts. She notices her skin isn't glistening, then looks up to the sky as the gray clouds hovered over them. The butterflies lift off to safety through the swaying sunflowers. The woman had disappeared leaving them two alone. "She's gone, you pushed her away Master."

"Excuse me, Babygirl. Who owns you?"

"You do Master. Did I give permission for her to use my lips?"

"No, Master."

"Do not sass me please." he said firmly. Just at that moment he looked down to see his cock was still hard. Tiny spats with her made him crazy in the head, no pun intended, but she listened to him and that was a turn on. And just like that he thrust his cock back into her as her breasts bounced back and forth against the strong winds. Rain drops fell hard upon them as she just looked more sexier and appetizing to Master. "You are mine, got it. I just want you right now," as he leaned into her mouth to devour her love for him. He pinned her wrists to the ground with his hands and made her cum over and over again until she was soak and wet from the rain on top of the wet blanket. With one big moan, "ooooooh, Babygirl! Master is pleased with his present," and pulled out of her to spray his hot juices in her mouth. "Swallow it. Good girl. Master is proud of you." He pulled her into his arms and coddled her in the pouring rain and pushed her wet hair away from her forehead. "We should probably get out of the rain, gorgeous. I'll give you aftercare at home. You will get a punishment for sassing, and breaking our rule when we get home." 

Babygirl replies quickly, "No Master, I will draw you a bath and give you aftercare," she looks into his eyes, "Love you too, Master. Happy Birthday Master."

"Oh, my birthday isn't over yet, and that sounds lovely, Babygirl."

He pulls her up and looks around, "Where are your clothes?"

She giggles, "It's the blanket, my clothes are in the car."

"You are something else, I'm never bored with you." He grabs the blanket off the ground and wraps it around her as they carry what they have off into the sunflowers without the butterflies. 

The End- Thanks for reading. Dia.

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