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Choking causing fits of coughing after 24 hours?


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So I've had some experience with breath play and with choking. Normally, I don't have any problems except maybe a sore neck depending on the position I was in.

Last Thursday I was with my partner and we were enjoying play as usual as foreplay. I decided to try something different, which was risky but wanted to see whether it was possible to do while giving head. I had a bit to drink that day so looking back on it, it doesn't seem like a bright idea. He put pressure and I could tell it was in the wrong spot and shifted his hand so that he would move his hands. He did and it happened a couple more times after that.

Since then, I've had a cough that doesn't go away. I can get it to go away by making sure to drink something every so often and the wanting to cough subsides. I've never experienced this before so I wanted to check with others to know if someone has experienced this and has any advice to help relieve the coughing. There hasn't been a progressive difficulty breathing or concern in that aspect, only the slight cough and feeling of irritation in my throat along with fits of coughing if I procrastinated to long before drinking something. It also doesn't matter whether it is warm or cold, it feels better regardless. 

I know I am causing more damage to it with the fits of coughing so now there is an area that hurts much more than before due to being more irritated.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


I think if it's concerning you it makes sense to get it checked out, I don't know how open you wish to be, but a visit to a pharmacist, or maybe your GP/practise nurse should put your mind to rest..simply tell them you choked and have had the irritation and coughing fits since, (if you're embarassed).

Perhaps some cough medicine would help to coat and soothe the throat while it recovers, and maybe a salt water gargle a couple of times a day.

I wouldn't be overly concerned ..I've had the same reaction myself for a few days after a drinks gone down the wrong way and I've had violent coughing..but, as I said, if it's worring you, get it checked out.

Hope you feel better soon x



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