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The Dark One

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I stir to an arm slipping underneath me and I snuggle into the warm familiar feel of Sir against my skin, a sigh of contentment on my lips. His hand caresses my breast as his other strokes my hair. I blink, no change, the darkness of the room a blindfold across my eyes. I lie there drifting back to sleep wrapped in the blanket and warmth of Sir

Then I feel it, too late to move, the hand on my hair is over my mouth and nose, pulling me into his chest, smothering my breath, the other leaves my breast, his arm seeking out my neck, holding me fast. In a split second my freedom and my air are gone, and so is Sir. He is here now…the one who comes in the night, the dark one, the silent one. I wait, and I wait, the deep breathing of my captor filling my ears as the *** starts to rise.  The sound of his voice freezes me to the moment as I struggle and wriggle, as he kisses me, and holds me fast,”shhhh .” The familiar voice inside me fuels my ***, that maybe this time, I won't last. My mouth is released and I gasp, again and again, tears welling in my eyes. I know this is just the beginning, it always starts this way.

His hand moves to my hair and I feel the familiar gentle strokes as he calms me. “Shush, shhhh, his calmness chills me, and I can feel his hardness pressing into my spine. I try to relax, this is far from over, and as I do the hand on my hair grows firm, the fingers searching, circling. They close around my hair and pull and push me down, down until I am thrust on his cock, he bucks into me, forcing it to the back of my throat and I gag. I am held, no point in resisting, no point in struggling, I wait, how long will it be, before I am allowed to taste the air again. And it comes, too short, I gasp before I am thrust down, again and again, his hardness growing beyond my limits, stretching my mouth and my throat to take his fullness.

I am released and I cry out as I gasp at the night air, pulling myself away from him, grasping at the empty void for anything that will aid me, too late he is on me forcing me into the bed, deftly lifting my arms so I fall, face to the pillow. One hand holding my arm, the other hand under my neck straining my head back. His kisses are tender, calming, his hand firm and demanding. I turn my face and receive a slap for my effort, his hand closes over my jaw and my lips ***d to respond. Tears run down my face as his gentle brush on my lips sends wave after wave through me. My clit responds, my heat rises, before he removes his hand and places it on my head, pushing me down into the pillow, no, no not this.

 His hand is on my hair again stroking, calming, gentle, everything he is not, as his other cups my mouth to my protests, his body pressing hard against me, forcing me down into the bed. I am trapped, motionless, praying for release. In that endless moment between past and future, I can feel my heat building, the moisture seeping from me, my clit pulsing. Oh god please let me breathe. Somewhere deep, I feel the primal surge build…not long I think, not long and I will have control.

Before I can register the movement, I am yanked up, the *** in my head bids me follow, and once again I am thrust down, my mouth barely has time to open, one gasp of air is all he allows me. Again, and again, hard, ***ful to his groans. His body moves and writhes, his *** of me arousing his deeper desires, I can feel my lips rubbing, feel my jaw aching under the strain, feel my nipples ache with fullness. I am smothered and hot, suffocating between the sheets, his cock hard and my arousal.

He tears at my hair again, his other hand reaching to cup my face as his cock releases me, spit and vomit poor from my mouth and nose before it closes onto them. I am fighting now, my primal core racing to the surface, shaking with *** and arousal. Too late, his leg is over me, he pulls me close, stroking my head, kissing me, so gentle, so much care as he steals another breath. First his hand on my mouth, then the other to my throat he switches, groaning and bucking into me as he does, a taste of air is all I get. I am lost between two worlds of *** and delight, my primal rage and passion fighting each other, do I battle, or do I surrender to my midnight Master…

My internal struggle has weakened me, and with a move, I am up, my ass high, my head thrust into the bed, held fast by his hand and he is in me, hard, hungry, demanding. I am pounded without mercy. My heat is ready to explode, I beg, nothing, again I beg until I cannot beg anymore. My breath held, my head held, desperate to stop myself Cumming. I know this game, this final act of cruelty, no release until my demon is spent. The pounding in my ears, my insides sore from the onslaught, my primal side retreating, my energy spent. All I can feel is my need, my desire, my fire, build and build. Tear’s flow, my sobs adding to his arousal, oh god, please.

I am like a firefly, franticly grasping for the light, and then I hear it, “You want to cum Pagan?” “Oh yes Sir, yes, please.” I beg. “Wait, wait for me.” I hold my breath, squeeze myself tight, grasping the bed for all I am worth …. hold Pagan, hold. Then I sense it, the rise, the swell, the familiar sounds, and I know the light is in front of me. I relax, I breath, and I let it wash over me as I scream my release, and Sir fills me.

I am left to fall where I am. Every inch of my body twitching from my orgasm, my hair matted to my head, my breathing ragged, my throat and my insides still feeling the onslaught of his cock. Sirs cum running from me, snaking a path to the bed. My nerves tender. I am floating in a whirlwind of emotions and sensations. I cannot move. The darkness closes round me as I feel the quilt lifted over my spent form. A gentle kiss, a stroke of my head, a sigh as Sir settles into bed. I drift of into a wonderful in-between place of recall and rewind, reliving every delectable moment while my body calms and waits for sleep.



PD I love the way your Sir uses you, and I especially love the way you describe it.  To me there is nothing so special as being able to take and use your sub in this primal fashion, to hear their gasps for air, feel their trembles and know that they are torn between the heat of the arousal and eventual release and of the terror of when this ravaging will eventually end with being encased in a loving secure cuddle of contentment.  To take your sub to the point of light headedness and then releasing their sexual arousal with a mutual release and satisfying cum. 


That was gripping and very hot! 👏🏻


I felt like i was there for min. Wow!!!💥

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