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Dark Daddy Christmas (trigger warning)


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Daddy woke up and was in bed alone.

He sat up and looked around. No Baby.


Daddy went downstairs and saw Baby sitting on the couch, by the Christmas tree, sipping her coffee.


Merry Christmas! Daddy said as he leaned over and kissed Baby on the head.


Merry Christmas Baby said in a monotone voice.


Daddy went to get his coffee.  You didn't wake me.


You didn't wake up.


Yeah... you could have...


Baby cut off Daddy, it snowed last night.


Yes it did.


We should stay home all day.


Baby, we have plans. 


Baby frowned and huffed


Let's open our presents. Daddy handed Baby a small wrapped box.


Or we could blow off plans, and stay home.


Open your gift. 


I'm sure all these boxes are filled with great and expensive things to make a girls dreams come true, Baby said as she tossed the present back under the tree.


Please open this one. Daddy brought over a large box. 


Baby took off the lid and pulled out a stuffed Panda bear.


A stuffed ***....?


Look in the bottom.


Baby reached in and pulled out a paper.

A ticket to Beijing.


Daddy looked at her and smiled. 


Baby shrugged.


I'm going to Beijing next month for business, remember? I'm flying you out to meet me, first class, and then we are going out to a baby panda sanctuary, and staying at a spa resort in the mountains for a week.


I'm flying to China by myself.


First class. To play with baby Pandas and get pampered for a week.


I hate flying by myself. 


That's what you're focusing on?

Baby. Fucking. PANDAS.


Whatever, Baby said under her breath as she took another sip of coffee.



As Baby and Daddy were dressed and getting ready to leave, Daddy was packing up the car with gifts.


Hey, I should grab a bottle of wine or two. Red, white, one of each?


Baby shrugged. They're your friends.


Friends? My roommate from college. I was best man at his wedding. I'm godfather to their oldest. My business partner. They are the closest thing I have to family.


Oh really? Baby snapped.


That's not what I meant, and you know it.


Baby stomped off towards the garage and slammed the door on her way out. 




At the party, Baby wasn't her usual outgoing, charming self. She was cordial, but stand off-shore.


As they were saying good night, the wife asked Baby, did you open all your presents?


Yup, Baby said.


Soooo.... China! Pandas! That's so exciting.  I'm sooooo jealous. 


Maybe you should go Baby said. Good night and she walked out the door.


Daddy got in the car a few minutes later.


That was really fucking rude.


I didn't want to go. I wanted to stay home with you. 


We went out to dinner last night, just you and me. The rest of the week....


Baby cut off Daddy, And at dinner last night, the owner of the restaurant and you yukked it up about bourbon for 20 minutes while I sat there.


I'm with you. You are with me. We cannot sit in a bubble all the time.


They rode in silence the rest of the way home.


As they got into the house Baby turned to Daddy and yelled.  Are you with me? Because you always seem to be somewhere else. You might as well be somewhere else, even when you are with me.


She stomped up the stairs and slammed the bedroom door.




Baby woke up and was freezing.  She sat up on bed.

All the windows in the bedroom were open. She got up and closed them. Mother fucker, she yelled.




Baby stomped towards the bedroom door. As she opened it, a hand slapped her across the face.


She swung back hitting him, but he didn't flinch.


He slapped her with the other hand.


She grunted.


He charged her, grabbing her by the throat and shoving her onto the bed. He climbed on top of her and ripped off her nighty.


She struggled under his weight. 


One hand on her throat, the other hand slapping her.


She grunted and growled at him.


He kept his hand around Baby's throat and grabbed a nipple. He pinched it and tugged hard. 


Baby yelped.


He grabbed the other one and tugged hard.


She yelped and sighed heavily.


He slapped her again. 


She yelped out


He grabbed her face and shoved his cock in her mouth, filling her mouth and throat.


She struggled as he fucked her mouth. He slapped her pussy. Her body bucked. He slapped her pussy again and rammed 2 fingers inside her.


Baby's pussy was soaking wet.


Fucking whore the voice said.


He shoved his cock almost the way down her throat, and worked his fingers deep inside her.


Her body bucked, she struggled for air and her body pulsed in pleasure from his fingers working her pussy.


She squirmed and struggled. She grabbed his thigh and squeezed it hard, digging her nails in.


He let her go.


She laid on the bed panting.


He grabbed her hair and dragged her onto the floor.

He shoved a ball gag in her mouth and strapped it in. 

He pulled her arms behind her back and zip tied her hands.


He grabbed her by the hair and stood her up.

He grabbed her by both nipples and pinched and tugged on them.


She screamed through the ball gag.


He bent her over the bed and shoved his cock in her ass. One long hard stroke to fill up her asshole.


She screamed through the ball gag.


He pumped her ass hard and fast, holding onto her arms with 1 hand, the other hand holding her throat and arching her back.


He used her. Filled her up. No relief from pounding her ass. Slapping her. Choking her. Using her.


Mercilessly pounding her ass with long, deep, hard strokes.


He pushed her forward and rolled her on her back.

He spread her legs wide open and put the tip of his cock against her clit.


He stroked his cock and shot his load all over her pussy. He squeezed out all his cum, dripping all over her.


He laid next to her. Arms still bound behind her back, ball gag in her mouth.


He sucked on her nipples and fingered her cum soaked pussy.


He worked her firmly, 2 fingers inside her, thumb rubbing her clit. 


Baby came quickly, moaning through the ball gag.


He didn't stop. He kept going. Worked her harder and faster until she squirted. Her pussy juice and his cum all mixed together to make her pussy extra gushy.


While her body throbbed and she drifted off in her orgasms, he released the ball gag and her hands.


As he body stopped vibrating, the light came on in the bedroom as Daddy walked in.


Daddy laid next to Baby and spooned her.


Daddy, Baby started, do you think I can bring home a baby Panda?

That was an intense but needed attitude adjustment. Yes indeed🔥🔥
Wtf! That was intense. Where do I find this kind of daddy? Baby fucking panda.
Is it me? Or did baby get exactly what she wanted for being a horrible little brat..?
Damn, yeah where can I find a Daddy like this also????
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very intense but loved it..

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