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Waiting position ass up!


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Laying to your backside we fell asleep with a firm hold of you pulled into me. I feel your deep breathing with every breath as your stomach and chest push against my rest hand. I feel the warmth of your smooth backside, I feel……… I feel, soft yet pressure? It’s different. I fell asleep purposely with my drained dick in your ass but unlike other times I did not slide out. It’s a different sensation, I’m now soft, limp, and feeling stuck but now with every thought, I can feel a twitch, a surge of flow. It’s a different feeling as I try to slowly pull back but it’s unpleasant. I’m still soft and with each slight pull uncomfortable but still, I can feel myself to be getting firm and harder as I’m already in your tight ass.

As I'm starting to feel myself slowly get harder ..... this is "harder" being already inside you with you gripping tightly so it's not very pleasurable right now but the thought of your tight hole excites me.

I reach up and as you still deeply breathe I softly cup your breast and pull myself into your backside even more and slowly attempt to push myself into you to break free a little bit but I'm still not moving.

With your hand still cupped I reach for your nipple and give it a slight pinch and listen for you. You move a bit but nothing. With more pressure, I slowly start to twist and pull on your nipple. I'm almost at this point full and hard.

"I feel you" ...... you say softly as you wrap one hand around my side.

"Did you fall asleep in my ass?" with a slight laugh ..... "that's new!"

I lean in and start to lightly nibble the back of your neck. I reach up and slightly tilt your head so I can get to your ear. I give it a slight nibble as I intentionally and slowly wet my tongue and lick your ear. I wet my tongue more and drag it along the side and back of your ear. I feel your tension as you know what I'm doing. ......... then I stop, I pause then slowly with a deep breath I breathe a heavy warm flow of air over your wet ear which sends you an immediate shiver and as you try to move i grip you tighter then softly bite down on your ear as I pull my tongue up the back of your ear. I feel you starting to squirm as shivers of pleasure hit you.

I now feel movement, I can start to slide into you more. I can slowly thrust into you, I want you to feel me, feel my pleasure.

With my hand, I slide down to your soft peach and slowly insert one finger to feel your warm wetness. I move my finger around just enough to get some wetness then slide my hand back up to your breast nipple to softly spread your wetness around it's tip. Then with two fingers I softly but firmly pinch and twist your nipple. I feel you arch as I pull on your tipple and at the same time I softly bite and breath heavily onto your ear with again another firm trust into you.

I stop ...... I pause ...... I then whisper into your ear

"On the floor, waiting position ass up!"

Without question, you slowly roll to the side of the bed as I slide out of your tight hole then onto the floor. Not a word is said, you know you're to get to your knees, bend over with hand stretched out above your head to present your tight goodness in the air.

I get up and sit at bedside, I take a moment to look over your smooth sexy body stretched out waiting. I grasp my dick and stroke it a few times as I stand up. I move to your backside and lean over and with my tongue good and wet I take a slow swipe of your tight whole. One slide across slowly to dip the tip of my warm tongue into the shallow of your hole and across to then stand back up.

I reach over to the dresser and with a sound pop of the top, I open the top of the lube, grab it, and from waist heigh slowly pour some into one hand then move above your waiting ass as it slowly drips down ....... you squirm from the coldness hitting your crack before it starts to drip down to your waiting hole.

with a few strokes of my lubed-up hand, I place the bottle down then take a look at my waiting princess on the floor anticipating my tip to be pushing at her hole ..... SLAP!!! A firm slap to your ass cheek without letting go.

........ SLAP!!! another firm grasp of my waiting toy.

I stroke my hard shaft a few more times then pull back from my throbbing head as I lean forward pressing just enough into your waiting hole so you can feel me.

I push slow to start to spared that hole, I move back then push again as my head feels your hole opening up and firmly gripping my tip as I continue to push in. I pause for a moment as i release my grip and rest one hand along your waist side then my other I grab a hand full of hair and as I start to pull back on your hair pulling your head up I thrust my waiting hungry cock into your warm waiting ass as deep as I can go. I purposely try to throb and move my dick around to feel your tight lubed up warm asshole gripping my hard cock as deep as I can down your hole. It feels so warm, tight, and yet so familiar as this hole I use the most.

I release your waist then grasp the front of your neck as I'm still pulling back on your hair and pull you up high enough that you're reaching the tip of your fingers to then give you a soft kiss to your side cheek.

"Good girl! Good Princess!"

I start to slide my hard cock in and out of your ass slowly and with each trust I try to go deeper knowing I can't go any further but I want you to feel me as much as possible, feel my hard goodness deep down inside your hole!

After a slow but pleasuring fuck hole session I release your neck and hair and while still deep in your ass ....

"KNEEL!" ....

You pull your ass from my dick to then kneel down and locking your hands behind you with your face up and facing forward.

"Good girl!" ....

I walk to your front side and with my hand, with a soft but firm touch under your chin and my other hand laying on the back of your head ....

"OPEN" ....

I start to slide my throbbing cock into your mouth and slide it down your throat to then with *** hold your face into my goodness tight so you can feel me. You start to get a reflex but you do what you can to stop.

As I let go of your head ....

"FINISH!" ....

Now you release your hands so you can grip my warm balls in one hand as your wrap your lips around me. You start with my head trying to insert your tongue into my tip and move your tongue around then down the shaft into your throat and in a smooth motion back and forth.

Your sweet mouth feels so warm and wet and I can feel my pleasure building and so can you. You slow it down to give me some time to cool down then back to my throb head playing with the hole then back down my shaft and as I start to feel myself arching back with and stomach muscles getting tighter I let myself go, I let my warm fluid jerk into your mouth as you then bury my throbbing cock down your throat pressing tightly against me to push it as far down your throat as possible. You can feel my cock twitching and throbbing with every ounce of cum dripping out and with the warm feeling sliding down your throat.

"Good Girl! Good Princess!" ....

I pull back as you grip my cock tightly with your lips to get every bit of my shaft to its tip.

I pull out of your mouth and with two-finger under your chin I tilt your head up ....

"Good Girl!" .....

As I lean in to give you a kiss on your lips then a bite of your bottom lip to feel your tongue along with the warm stickiness and taste of my goodness still lingering in your mouth ......

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