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Blind fold and bound to side of a bed a wand wedged between the mattress pulsing against your pussy. 
The sting still lingers across your cheeks as a fat finger lubes your arse a little moan escapes as you push back .

" you took your punishment well , as a reward I'm gonna let you cum "
As the wand continues to hum a second note fills the air ,moaning with anticipation, waiting for Sir's new toy to fill you up quivering as the tip presses against your arse .his hard throbbing cock pressing against the red sore flogging on your thigh . 
He pushes the butt plug deep within you his cock teasing your lips grabbing your hair pulling sharply back he whispers
 " how many times is up to me "
 With one big thrust filling your juicy wet pussy arse and clit throbbing with vibration the other hand grasps your throat as he fucks you hard .
 The hard throbbing cock, wand and butt plug all pushing you over the edge , an orgasm rips through you pussy gripping his cock tight . His hand leaves your hair landing a hard smack on your arse not stopping he continues to fuck you , teasing another orgasm . 

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