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Any ideas why I’m getting this? - ‘Push your message to the top or wait 90 days until you can send another message’

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If you've sent an intro/icebreaker message and the person hasn't yet replied, you can't send another message for 90 days. If they respond you can then send without waiting the 90.


Doesn’t it mean that you have been blocked? They don’t want to here from you?

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If I understand correctly its to stop people from 'bombarding' A/anyone who hasn't responded to a message..Once you've had a reply from them you can send as many messages as you like without limitations if you're a paying member, and they don't block you, they may have to wait for a reply from you though before they can respond if they're not also a paying member.

You can use points (200 I think, but not 100% sure..which you either purchase, or earn through site activities, writing posts, treasure hunts, liking pictures etc) to make your message top in their inbox..hence the push message, the idea being they've maybe had a lot of mail and not seen your message yet..hope that helps 🤞

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