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My journey home


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Settle in its story time.

wench had a very fun journey home from 2 weeks away from the Alpha on Saturday. it all started when he arrived to pick me up and sent a simply stating

"I suggest lack of underwear/other obstructions on the journey back..."

The result of this was me sat in the passenger seat wearing a black mid length dress,  fishnet mockgarters and open crotch panties, coz a SAM has to find the loopholes right 😊

Alpha approved of the outfit, but said we would go to the services and I would remove the underwear, after laughing at the smart arsed loophole finding, but in the mean time I was sit back in the seat and hold myself open to him as he drove, every so often he would flick my clit and grin at me. I saw a lorry I tried to close my legs, he gave me a sharp slap to the thigh and simply said “No, Open”

He also took great delight in slow overtaking the really big lorries on the M1, I spent the whole time horny as fuck but terrified one of the drivers would look down and see my wet exposed cunt.

The journey from where I was home was about 2 hours, I did stop to remove the underwear  as per Alpha's instructions , and by the time Alpha pulled into an industrial estate I was fucking begging to cum, he had kept saying no, my orgasm was his I would give it when he said and not before.

He stopped in an industrial estate and placed his hand around my throat pinched my clit between his fingers and growled in my ear the words I needed to hear the words the previous 2 weeks of being without him and the past hour and 45 mins had edged me too “1…2…3…CUM” then he shoved his fingers inside me and his tongue into my mouth and I screamed my orgasm into him

When the shaking and screaming of my long awaited orgasm had subsided ,he undid my seatbelt, grabbed my head, told me of course he had missed me held my head on his cock and skull fucked me hard and fast growling deeply as he filled my throat with his cum

Then we continued the drive home….. To be continued

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