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Home alone! PART 5

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His belt snaps as I pull it rapidly from the loops of his jeans but I don't toss it aside, instead I place it around my neck, placing the end through the buckle and tightening it slightly until it rests between my boobs like a loosened tie. His mouth is opening and closing, presumably he is trying to find words and failing and this just fuels my confidence. His breath is ragged and he is squirming beneath me in his attempts to free his hands.

I am relishing his vulnerability, it makes a change for me to have the upper hand.

I am suddenly horrified by the thought that he may feel scared and rush to ask him if he is ok, I don't want to cause him distress.


"Let's have a safe word........ how about MARROW?" I suggest, the first word that sprang to mind, maybe because the huge bulge beneath my naked vagina feels like one?


"Why thankyou!" he chuckles briefly before the rocking of my hips on said appendage draws his attention.

His button fly pops open easily as I pull on it, the stiff material difficult to remove without his help, lifting himself up from the mattress to help me with my task. I'm shocked but very pleasantly surprised to find that he is not wearing underwear either, his cock so engorged I worry it's about to explode. It looks ***ful....... and delicious!

I leave his jeans around his knees, restricting his ability to move further and grab the hem of my dress, pulling it over my head revealing the pink straps hugging my curves and he growls gruffly before spitting the words "Holy fuck you're amazing!" 


My confidence has never been so great, I feel strong, sexy and in control, all alien sensations to me. I like them!

That confidence allows the next words to roll off my tongue with no concerns whatsoever........


"That's right baby, I am, and I'm going to spend the rest of tonight showing you just how amazing! You are going to relinquish all control of yourself, live in the moment and dare to just be your true self. I'm going to bring you to the point of release over and over with my mouth, my hands..... my pussy....... but just as you think you've reached your climax I'll calm you, trail butterfly kisses over your body, tasting you with the tip of my tongue until you relax, then I'll hype you up again. You are going to beg me to allow you to come, and if you don't beg you won't come. Do you understand me Yanni?" I whisper seductively.

He gulps audibly and nods vigorously as reply and I grip his cheeks with one hand pushing his lips into a pout before kissing him quickly and lightly slapping his face. 


"Good boy! Now, I'm going to taste you and you aren't to move or I will stop and punish you by making you watch me please myself. Ready baby?" 


"Oh god..... so ready!" He mumbles breathlessly.


I climb off of his hips and kneel beside him, turning my attention to his member, licking my lips as I tell him how beautiful he is before taking just the head into my mouth and sucking hard like a hungry lamb on a bottle.


"Mmmm, you taste so sweet baby, like strawberries....... mmmmm, so good in my mouth" I croon gently between licking and sucking him.

"Your cock feels so good inside my warm wet mouth baby, does my mouth feel good on you too?" I continue to tease, running my tongue up and down his length before biting the tip lightly.

Yanni lets out an agonised guttural cry  that sounds very much like frustration, his eyes are squeezed shut and his body is rigid..... he's close to coming so I release him from my mouth and lick my way up his abdomen, between those firm golden pecs to his neck where I bite him hard. He yelps but his body relaxes, the *** distracting him from his imminent release, just as I hoped.

I praise him again for his good behaviour, telling him that good boys have all their wishes granted and ask him if he wants all his dreams to come true.


"I'll be so good! I want everything, all of it....... please...... please....... I want it all!! Sydney......... I need to be inside you! Please......... fuck!" The pleading for release does something to me, I don't think I've ever felt more alluring in my life, it's an addictive sensation I don't think I can live without now. 

He has managed to work his trousers down his legs and removed them with his feet and is struggling to sit himself up, getting tetchy because he can't with his hands behind his back, still tangled in the silk of his shirt. 


"Sydney, please, let me free...... I have to touch you, please....... let me touch you!" he begs


I shush him and with a little wink and a bite of my lip. I explain that he will get the chance to touch me soon, but first I feel like he deserves to see the underwear he chose for me close up.

Pushing him back onto the bed again I crawl up his body, placing my knees either side of his head as he attempts to lick his dry lips.


"Dont worry baby, I have something here to help moisten those" the lewd comment rolling off of my tongue as if I'd just asked him the time....... I've never felt this free!


"It looks good doesn't it!" I say, wiggling my hips, my clitoris mere centimetres from his lips. I'm referring to the strips of fabric masquerading as underwear. 

His tongue swipes up my fold and with a satisfied groan tells me that it tastes good too. He is clearly NOT talking about the underwear!

I bring my body down towards his open mouth and a growl escapes him sending a bolt of electricity through my entire being. I thrown my head back and savour the feel of his mouth moving on my most sensitive organ.

I lift myself away from his mouth and he whines which fuels my desire. I place my palms on the wall above his head and rhythmically raise and lower myself slowly, teasing him further, revelling in this feeling of desirability.

I can feel him becoming tense and decide now is a good time to slow things down again. I use the wall to help me raise myself to standing and turn to face his feet, retaking my position on his lap, grinding myself into him, reassured that he is still having as much fun as I am but asking him verbally too.


"Fuck me Syd, I've never felt better in my life, dont stop........ I have the safe word if I need it......... I won't though!" he says through gritted teeth as I continue to circle my hips on his naked crotch. I move back up his chest and lean forward, my pussy throbbing inches from his face and take his angry looking cock back into the warm moistness of my mouth, almost choking on him as he thrusts upwards into my throat, this unusual angle hitting different places as he blows silent raspberries on my wetness, making my head spin.


I don't know about him but I can't take it anymore. I have to have him inside me. I raise my body up and forward, positioning myself over him and holding his thickness in my hand I attempt to lower myself gradually onto him, but then remember he is supposed to be begging for me.


I pause just before his tip enters me and say......


"Aren't we forgetting something, hmmmm baby?" 


THIS VOICE! I have no idea where it has come from but I like it....... sultry, low and husky, breathy and a little needy....... I think he likes it too!


"What? Forgetting what?!"


I snap my head around to look back at him over my shoulder, my hair covering my face as I do. Pushing it aside with both hands I raise my eyebrows at him and he realises.......


"Ahh, begging...... ok, I'm not too proud to say that I need to be inside you Syd, to feel your body convulse around me, to hear your cries as you come on my cock while I fuck you better than you've ever been fucked! I want to show you the stars...... please ride me Syd, let me feel that hot little pussy holding me tightly, please........ I'm begging you......."


I can feel my arousal running down my thighs as I swiftly lower myself onto his hardness, immediately crying out at the fullness I feel, this position reaching places rarely touched. It feels sensational.

Bouncing slowly at first I concentrate on taking every last inch of him then when I have adjusted to his size and this position I begin to speed up my movements, my arse cheeks connecting with his lower abdomen with every downward thrust, a loud slapping sound accompanying the pants we are both producing. Sweat is running between my boobs, my mouth is hanging open, all my muscles losing tone as I approach my climax.

I yelp as I am thrown forward by a particularly strong thrust and he takes the opportunity to sit up behind me and I hear a ripping sound as he wrenches one of his hands free from his shirt allowing him to touch me. He cups my boobs from behind and kisses the nape of my neck, across my shoulders and then licks his way back to my nape before grabbing my hips and slamming my body down onto his. We both groan at this feeling as he continues to guide my body up and down his shaft, increasing the pace as he does.

He pushes me forward onto all fours and kneels behind me, grabbing hold of the belt around my neck as he does. He massages my arse cheeks with his free hand before guiding himself into me again, pulling on the belt as he does. My breath is restricted and I can feel my face filling with ***, my pussy is pulsating at a ridiculous rate, as is my heart, my head is swimming. I'm unsure whether it is the lack of oxygen, the rapidly approaching orgasm or a combination of both things that cause it, but I love it.

My body stiffens, my limited breath catching in my throat as I hit my high, my body gripping him tightly, sucking him deep into the convulsing heat where I feel his release, cock throbbing as he spills his seed inside me with a deep groan before we both collapse into a sweaty heap. 

Was never in any doubt that I would not be disappointed...far, far from it in fact. Such an arousing read, as you reveal yet another side to your wonderous self 😊 you could not imagine how much you have me longing, yearning, wanting....needing. Oh to enact this with you, & so much more besides...a little outdoors too, so much fun xx
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