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Wanking with a dive buddy


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                With the wife owning half the local dive shop she gets to meat people from outside our local area who dive and who are learning to dive and I guess word has gotten around in the area kink scene that her and I are more fun to dive with than most others !!!  

                A few days ago we got a call from the girl who runs her shop that a guy wanted my number to set up a dive and wanted to know if it was ok to give it to him I said sure !!! 

                Well Brad called about 30 minutes later and we talked he said he was bi curious and had a thing for other frogmen and wanted to try something's underwater I told him it sounded awesome and asked what he had in mind he said watching me jerk off while he did the same , rubbing touching while diving maybe us making one another cum !! 

                Well this dive took place yesterday afternoon at a private dive place we own !! Brad showed up at the dive shop so he could check out a few wetsuits we keep in a locker for people to wear I walked in the back door in time to see brad standing infront of the mirror in an all black wetsuit with a cock sheath attached and wearing matching gloves boots and hood but he had a latex hood under that all I saw was his eyes and mouth !!! I said you must be brad I hope as I looked down at his big cock he said that's me so when do we get wet ?? I said well I have to swing by home and get ready grab your gear and let's go so he put his tank and flippers and weights and omg a full face cressi mask in my truck and climbed in still suited I said awesome but now if I can keep my eyes on the road !!!

            We talked on the short drive home about what gear I liked to wear and the wetsuits I had and how much fun he would have then I found out he had never even jerked off in a wetsuit or underwater I told him he sure picked the right suit he said he had done his research !! 

                     I quickly got into a similar suit as the one he chose all black rubber 1 piece with cock sheath but mine the gloves hood and bootys are attached I even added the latex eye and mouth hole hood under my hood I grabbed 2 rubber men's black thongs and walked in the living room and tossed him a pair and I sat beside him and slipped mine on as he did his !!! I saw in his eyes he was going wild then he said can I kiss you I grabbed his hooded head and pulled his face to mine and we were going at it wild wet kissing and we were both rock hard I stopped and said so you ready to get wet and sticky ?? He said fuck yes so I threw my gear in the pickup and we quickly drove to where it was about to get wild lol 

                  We were both geared up in no time !! I told him I said the balls in your court you have my permission to do anything we have discussed at anytime during our dive !! I am just your dive buddy until you make the first move because that way you will feel more comfortable with it !!! He laughed and slid his mask down and tightened the straps as I did the same !!we hadn't been in the water long and he slipped off his thong and then was pulling mine off so I pulled my fins off and slipped them back on after he had pulled my thong off he held my hand as he started stroking his cock with the other hand then he quit and just floated there looking at me through his mask so I took his cock in my hand and started stroking him slow but hard he was breathing really hard so I slowed and loosened my grip and he grabbed mine and squeezed it and jerked it hard and I almost came instantly !!! Then he let go and we play fought rubbing against each other until we ended up mask to mask and cock to cock and both low on air I looked at his guage and mine and put five fingers up letting him know we had 5 minutes air in our tanks so he grabbed my cock and I grabbed his and we started quickly jerking each other off we both filled out sheaths and surfaced without air !! The end of at least all for now I gotta go to work 

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