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Absent Without Leaving

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She rolled on pillows slick with heat
And gazed up with bright eyes of blue
"Thank you" she said, "You showed me much,
I've loved being here, but where were you?"

"You growled and set my hips on fire
Caused pleasure I could scarcely bear
Yet when I looked deep in your eyes
I knew, right then, there was no-one there."

The words hit home as clothes I sought
Her scent now cooling on My skin
What could I say, she was so sweet,
Had it been right to share this sin?

Through motions I can easily go
Take the relief, pretend all's well
The basic needs of man are strong
Into soft flesh I willingly fell

So, once again, that awkward time
Where cheeks are kissed and promises made
"Of course I'll call" and "I loved it too"
Trite words that in the darkness fade

Another drink slips down too fast
The loathing at the void inside
Such beauty given, taken, used
Yet from all else the heart does hide

Now, quill in hand, the page awaits
For ink to bleed, excuses make
No recompense for those brought close
No solace for the hopes we break

My Lady Fate, yes, once again
You've brought Me gifts to tempt the soul
I hear the chuckle, you know full well
They're not the one who'll make Me whole

Scribe@Sep 21, 2015

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